Tuesday, February 12, 2008

J'aime mes amis


J'aime aussi l'ice cream.


Et le franglais.


My Confessions:

Yes, I do like processed cheese.
I like the leftover gravy and cheese after all the fries are gone from a poutine.
I don't mind eating leftovers of other people's lunch, particularly if I didn't have one.
I don't mind sharing cutlery / straws, etc.
I do think about boys more than I really should.
I enjoy Disney movies. And the songs that come with them.
It doesn't take much to impress me.
Nicknames make my life. In fact, that moment in sectionals with Heather today pretty much made my whole life up to that point worth it.
I'm a sucker for junk food, and fast food.
I don't believe underage drinking is wrong, or getting drunk in general no matter what age you are is wrong.
I do believe in love.
I'm terrified of wind.
Half the things I do in life, I fake my way through.
Yes, I do think about going back in time and fixing everything I did wrong.
No, I wouldn't actually do it.
I am as pathetic as you're probably thinking I am.

Concerning that last statement:

I don't care. =)

That's me. Deal with it.

Lately I've decided this is possibly my favorite comic ever.

Because growing up is stupid. There seems to be all these new rules, and new ways to live life, and to think, and to act.

Not that I'm going to try living in the past completely. No no. I already tried it. You all saw how that ended. Advice: don't do that again.

And look at what happened to Gatsby. =P

"I felt foolish for not being ready to go farther. So, we sat on my bed and kissed like a couple of high school kids." -Book I just finished reading.

What's wrong with that? I happen to like kissing. Is sex going to be the only thing that matters in life once I grow up?

There just seems to be so many examples in the world of adults that I don't want to become. But it just seems to common, I'm afraid I don't have a choice. I'll have to change to join the ranks of the boring, unhappy adults in the world.

But they do always call us the future generation.

And that comic's right. When we're adults, it'll be our turn to decide what that means for us. And I don't want to become like 80% of the adults I see or meet. So there. Deal with it.

PS: My brother finally realized who Bert and Ernie were. And then spent half an hour watching them on YouTube. Should I be proud?


"You just totally ruined all my hopeless romantic dreams for the future."
"You're bluffing."

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