Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mot de jour:


Graham: Ha, Bert and Ernie.
Me: I loved Bert and Ernie!
Graham: It's true. But they still decided to kill Bert.
Me: They killed Ernie, Graham.
Graham: Did they?
Me: Yes. Although I can't see why him. I mean, out of the two of them, I'm sorry...but I would have killed Bert.
Graham: Yeah, but I see their point. I mean, you have a big yellow guy, and then just some completely blue guy.
Me: What?
Graham: You know...the yellow bird, and then the other guy's just totally blue.
Me: Graham, that's Big Bird and Grover.

I feel ashamed to say that's my brother.


"I understand how humble people kneel before God, but since when did they roll and tumble for him too?"

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Melda said...

That...makes me laugh. I can't say I know the identities of every Sesame Street character, but at least I know Big Bird from Ernie :P