Saturday, December 23, 2006

Spain tomorrow...

I slept for twelve hours last night. It felt so nice. And then I pretty much did nothing today, which was also nice. I did water my plants and pack for spain though.

So, this will probably be the last update here until I get back from Spain. I highly doubt I'll get on computer in Spain, even if I get the chance. Yes, I'll take lots of pictures. Yes, I'll come back with lots of stories. You'll just have to be patient for the next twelve days until I get back. And pray that I didn't forget anything, and that I actually survive security.

P.S: Why can't I understand you? I mean, one minute I felt like you'd always like me, and the next you're walking away. You say you want to be friends, yet half the time I feel like you're just pushing me out of your life. Even if it's over, I still want to feel like it actually meant something. I've never felt like I wasted my time, so don't start making me feel that way now. Don't make it seem like that was just something to do, and now you have better things to move on too. There were times when you actually seemed to care about being friends. There are times when you still seem to care in general. So don't suddenly make it seem like you want me to just get out of your life. If you want that, tell me so I can start getting over it now.
I know I'm exaggerating. It's little things that set me off sometimes. I honestly do look forward to seeing you when I get back, and I do miss talking to you...and not being awkward.


"There's a difference between having a day where you're supposed to do something and not doing it, and having a day where you're actually not supposed to do anything."

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