Monday, May 21, 2007

As You Wish...

Alright, Kelskie, here's your update. =P I know I've been rather lazy lately when it comes to my blog...either I've been uploading pictures, or posting pictures, or e-mailing people...yeah...

Anyways, enough with the excuses.

Hm, what's happened that I should share...I'm so behind in physics, it's not even funny. Actually I'm not as bad as I used to be. Now I'm just two labs behind, one of which I'm doing right now. Or rather, I was until I read Kelskie's request for more updates. Now I'm doing this. But I was going to do both labs tonight, but I forgot to get the info from somebody for the second lab, so I'll do this one tonight, and then get the info tomorrow, and hand in my lab on Wednesday. Oh, and then talk to him about taking my final exam early, since I'll be out of the country when I'm supposed to be writing my final exam. =P

Practicing has been going better then it used to. It was actually getting really depressing to practice, since I couldn't play my scales at all, and my high register was crap. My teacher helped me. Not in the technical sense, but she just told me to keep working at it, instead of saying how I'll fail, so that worked well enough. Now I'm doing rather well, and I've got a routine for scales, so if I keep doing that for the next couple weeks, I think I should be okay for my exams.

However, I am nervous about my CYO audition. I'm not sure if I'll have to play Brahms 4, since I'm auditioning through the academy, but if I do, I'm thinking I'm kinda screwed...well, maybe not a lot, but I'm certainly not as comfortable with it as I'd like to be. As for what I'm actually playing, I seem to be changing that every hour or so. First I decided to go with the second movement of Mozart, and a study, then I changed it to two studies, now I'm considering doing an orchestral excerpt and and a study...or maybe two orchestral excerpts...I really should have talked to my teacher about this, although I guess I am capable of choosing my own audition pieces...I just have a really hard time deciding what I should play.

You know that feeling when you think you've gotten yourself into something that you can't do, and you feel like you've jumped into something that's way over your head? That's kinda how I feel now. Except I would like it better if I knew for sure that's how I feel. Because the thing is, I don't. One minute I feel like I can't do it, and I'm in way over my head...but then at another moment, I'll feel perfectly okay with it, and I can hardly remember why I almost felt like backing out of it. It's really weird.

Oh my gosh, I never thought there would be a time where I'd be one of the most corrupted band kids, and with as much drama as I have right now...and now...look at me go...=P

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...but life's too short, might as well just have fun while I can. =)

Again, not sure if that's the right attitude to take either...

Anyways, enough of that subject.

I thought I actually wouldn't have to be at school early tomorrow...and then Rebecca reminded me that we actually have to be at choir tomorrow morning. Yay. Maybe I'll bring my bassoon so I can's either that, or just bring my reed stuff and make another reed...I was going to do that, but thinking about upcoming auditions and exams, I'm thinking practicing might actually be a better idea. And, of course I'll bring my reed stuff just in case anyways.

I won't even be at school the whole day tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I'll have to leave about half-way through third period...whatever that is. I can't remember what it is right now...either english or math...I think it's math..which is nice, because then I can still learn the lesson, and I won't have to be behind. Yay.

Chloe just created an Abe Music group on facebook. Yay, another place to post music council news. I suppose Andrea should have more rights to that though.

Anyways, I now have so many windows open, and I'm chatting to so many people, and doing stuff on facebook, and, believe it or not, I really did come on to simply finish my physics lab. So now I think I really should go and I can hope to accomplish something tonight.


"When a man becomes a father, a strange thing happens. It's like as soon as he has a child, he forgets everything except for the worst puns imaginable..."

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Melda said...

W00t! An update! Hey, if Kelsie bugging you works, I should bug you more :) You don't post nearly often enough.

And yeah, I know the feeling you're talking about. I can't pinpoint a time I've felt it (as frankly, my life is pretty tame compared to yours) but I know what you mean :)