Monday, August 13, 2007

Good news or bad news?

Okay, maybe it's not really good or bad. More like light-hearted subject, or not so light-hearted subject? Which should I start with. I'll go with the first, because I've been thinking about posting it basically all day. So we'll start with that, and I'll go from there.

So I had this dream last night, and it was really confusing, but at the same time, it was one of the few dreams I have that I can actually explain to other people and it'll make some sort of sense. Unlike that last sentence. Anyways, here we go...

It started out with me at the Colorado music camp. Except it wasn't actually at the place where that music camp is, it was just some random bit of forest or something. But I knew it was Colorado music camp. Anyways, me and a bunch of people were talking, and somehow I got a hold of one guy's iPod.
Then suddenly, camp was over, and it was time to go home. I still had this guy's iPod in my pocket. Speaking of pockets, I actually had them in my dream! Like, pockets that are in guys pants, not the stupid pockets we have in girl's jeans that can't actually hold anything. Anyways...
So to leave the camp we had to go down this huge steep, rocky, hill, where the path twisted and turned a lot. It was really weird. But I had this little go-cart/car gadget thing with an engine and breaks and everything. But halfway down the breaks stopped working, so I was like, darn. So I had to walk the rest of the way.
Meanwhile, I was thinking, "How am I going to get to the airport?" And then I wondered if my mom would drive down to Colorado and drive me up. But then I figured that didn't sound right, so I'm like, "Oh, yeah. Mom's going to drive here, take me to the airport, and then drive home!" Because, in the dream, that made perfect sense to me. =P Oh, and when I got to the bottom of the hill, I gave the guy's iPod back. =P Oh, and if anybody's interested, it was Evan's iPod. lol
Hokay, then I found myself back up the hill, at the same camp, except this time I knew it was Red Deer camp instead. Except there were people there from both Red Deer and Colorado camp. Go figure.
Then we got into groups and started to play this game. Except the Supes never actually explained this game. Everybody else seemed to know how to play, but I didn't. Which made me so made. It was like Mau, except so much worse. lol.
Anyways, after a while, I figured out that the basics of the game was that we group up and find ourselves a base and defend it. To what purpose, I'm not sure, but that's besides the point. We even had these laser guns...that didn't actually hurt...except they did. It was a very weird feeling, believe me, I got shot more than a couple times. =P
So when I finally found out what we were doing, I teamed up with a couple people and we went and raided a bunch of video tapes from another person's base. Again, to what purpose, I'm not sure, but that's what we did. To all who know him, Kofi's base was the one we raided. And Beets was totally on my team. =)
After that we went down and sat in some random place in a circle. And the camp director was there (except it was the Colorado camp director, not the Red Deer one. Go figure), and she had some random old guy with her. And he was some important guy...some past director or something. And she's like, we shoud play something for him! So somehow she decided we should play 'Festive Overture' by Shostakovitch for him. Which was weird, because I've only ever played that at school, not at camp.
Anyways, it seemed like everybody else had the music, except me. So I figured that was okay, I'd just do it from memory. Which I did a pretty good job on. The only weird thing was that I was playing the clarinet...not that I realized that in the dream at the time. =P
So we messed up or something, so we decided to do it a second time. And the camp director said I was doing a really good reading job. Which I thought was odd, because I was not reading it...I had played it before, and was now playing it by memory. But anyways.
So we went to play it again. And this time it sounded really weird because we didn't have any french horns...and at the tempo change, the horn has a slightly important part. Anyways. This time not only was I playing the clarinet, I was playing the clarinet solo at the time. (Again, not that I realized any of this in the dream). But I was thinking, man, I'm doing a really good job. So I kind of stepped forward so that the old important guy could hear me better. But then I stumbled, and then stumbled more, and before I knew it, I had stumbled all the was into the middle of the circle. So I was really embarrased, and I apologized and went back to my spot in the circle. Except it was more like I stumbled all the way to my spot, running into people on the way. It was one of those moments where it seemed impossible for me to walk straight.
So I was still super embarrassed, and I took off my shoes when I got back to my spot, because for some reason I guess it was my shoes that had made me stumble so much. And everybody laughed when the piece was over, but I didn't because I was so embarrassed.

So there was my dream. Kind of odd. Not quite as bad as some I've had, but still quite odd.

And now for something completely different.

I miss my quintet buddies from Colorado. I really didn't realize how much I missed them until I looked at pictures on facebook. I really do miss them. They were so awesome, and so fun to play with, and they made me feel so welcome when I joined them for the last week of camp. I miss a bunch of my friends from that camp.

I hate depressing events. Just in general. I don't like being depressed. I don't deal well with depression. And I'm never quite sure how to help other people when they're depressed. It makes me feel bad. I mean, I definitely don't mind when people come to me when they're depressed. I'm glad that they know I'm there for them, and I'm always willing to be there for them. But I don't always know how to help. So..yeah. I'm not sure if I really have a point to all I'll just move on.

The middle year of jr. high and high school seem to be the worst years. In jr. high it was the year that I basically had to switch all the friends I had, and for a few months I was just drifting. I didn't really feel like I belonged to a certain group of friends, which didn't suit me well. Then the middle year of high school I had a crappy break up. Well, my first break up, which might have been part of the reason why it sucked so much. Anyways, it was not the best year. But, on the bright side, the last year of jr. high was definitely the best year, so maybe this year will be the same. I'm hoping so. We'll have to see.

And I think I'm finally done with this post. I may or may not go to bed after this...I slept in way later then I meant to today. Which felt nice, but at the same time. =P

As a last thought, I'm really tired of my parents bugging me about practicing. I mean, everyday when I don't practice I beat myself up for it, because I know I can't get into this habit of just taking random days off. I mean, what happens if I do that in university? It's definitely not a good thing. I know I have to practice. It definitely doesn't help when my parents comment on the fact that I haven't practiced, and bug me about how I have to practice. Thanks for that, but I'm already mad at myself for letting me take a day off. I don't need reminders about how I really have to stop doing that.


"Woah! A beat on a string! And when I hit it, the blue thing moves too!"

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