Monday, August 27, 2007


Okay, so I basically have seen/read/heard/talk about way too many hopeless romantic things recently. Being a hopeless romantic, I should not be allowed to experience large doses of hopeless romantic things. At least not when I don't have somebody to be hopelessly romantic with. Which I don't.

Anyways, the point is I'm now filled with hopeless romantic fantasies, and seeing as I have nobody to be hopelessly romantic with, this does not put me in the best mood.

Actually I find this whole situation hilarious. Stupid hopeless romantic. You know who's fault it is that I'm like this? It's Disney's. Think about it. You know it's true.

That's really the only super interesting thing I have to say about today. Other then the fact that my brother go Mario Soccer for Wii. It's pretty awesome. I basically rock at being goalie. Nobody gets through me. =)

So that's super awesome. Now I'm looking forward to Mario Galaxy, because from what I've read about it, it sounds really cool. I also have to keep playing Zelda: Twilight Princess, because I'm so close to finishing it, but I haven't yet. And now that we've got a new sensor bar that actually works, I really should finish it! The plot line's better then a soap opera, honestly.


"And so the debate propaganda starts again."


Melda said...

I'm DYING to get Twilight Princess. I must do it sometime. I'll be hopelessly romantic with you if you like - you should see me with Merrin/Kendath :P And yeah, it's pretty much all Disney's fault. I'm still a diehard Beauty and the Beast fan.


Christine said...

Do you have any illusions of making an appearance on MSN in the near future? You should.