Thursday, August 09, 2007


So, for all of you who don't know this, I'm pretty much in love with marimbas. And mallet percussion in general, but marimba is definitely my favorite.

In case you're wondering where this came from, Corey arranged Rhapsody in Blue for wind ensemble, except instead of a piano, it's a marimba and...some other mallet percussion. The marimba's the only one people actually care about anyways. lol. I'm kidding. But still. I'm listening to the midi now, and it's awesome. Even though that song really was never meant to be in midi just doesn't sound right. But still. It's so awesome.

Leading me to my next question...will Corey ever compose something that's playable by an ensemble that I'm in?! I hope so. I really really want to play some of Corey's music. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to be in an ensemble that conveniently enough records music for video games that Corey composes for...or something...=P

I'm sure, with me going into professional playing, and him going into professional composition, I'm bound to run into his stuff at some point or another.

Anyways, enough about that.

Mike e-mailed me audition info for the U of C wind ensemble. I'm kind of excited, and kind of nervous...along with other various ranges of emotions, but those are the two most important ones.

I'm reading this amazing book right now. It's called A Thousand Splendid Suns. I can't remember who it's by, but it's the same guy who wrote The Kite Runner. He's an amazing writer. I'm making my dad read it after I'm done. Which really isn't hard, he loved the Kite Runner.

I really need to start writing letters to people who I've promised to write letters to.

Me, my brother, and Henry went to see Hairspray today. It was awesome. I love it so much.

Seeing as I'm falling into one sentence paragraphs, I'm thinking it would probably be a good idea to leave. I should go to bed, but I'll probably end up hanging out on the computer for another little while.


"Geez, she's such a...something that rhymes with Snitch..."

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