Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun with Friends

I love hanging out with friends. It's basically almost the best thing in the world. I'm not like my brother at all, really. He needs his alone time, and can usually only spend so long with his friends. I could totally spend the rest of my life with my friends. I don't usually deal with solitude very well...unless it's spent practicing. I would still need a few hours to myself to practice. Other then that, I'm good.

So, yeah, I went to Miranda's end of summer fiesta, which was a lot of fun. It rained really hard for about 5 minutes, which was interesting. Conversation at that time was awesome...hehe.

I also tried to skateboard. I didn't go very fast, but at least I didn't fall. Carson totally fell off once when he ran into the curb, but at least he landed on grass. I went inside to see a bassoon youtube thing that people were watching, and apparently he fell again and did a faceplant into the window of a car. Later, the owner of the car came out, and we watched from inside the house to see if he'd see the faceprint Carson apparently left. It was so amusing.

We also broke open the dragonfly pinata. Well, maybe not in traditional pinata fashion. We were trying to hang it up, and once we got it up, we found out people forgot to bring the broom to hit it with, so somebody went to go get it, and while they were going, the pinata fell on the ground. So after that people just kinda smacked it and somehow eventually just broke it in half. The point of the story is, we got the candy in the end. =)

Then my family (plus Corey) went to Calaway park, which was a lot of fun. Corey made me go on a bunch of rides I would never have gone on if he hadn't been there. It was awesome. I screamed. And usually closed my eyes. Good times.

I ate way too much junk today, and way to little real food. Not good. So I'm kinda drinking a lot of water tonight, since I had basically none today, and thinking I may not stay on the computer until all hours of the night, because sleep would probably be good. Especially since my head is kinda starting to hurt a little bit.

But first I have to upload pictures of Miranda's end of summer fiesta onto facebook. =)


"Do you have your seat belt on?"
"It's important, you need it...uh oh...hey, this is the one without a seatbelt!"
"Geez, I told you not to let anybody in this one!"
"Well, what do we do?"
"...Meh, just leave her there."
"...Corey, can I get out now?!"

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Melda said...

I'd have to agree with Graham, I like being with friends up to a point but after that I really need my alone time. Introversion. *nods sagely*