Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blogs, anyone?

Am I the only one who updates their blog anymore? I actually feel kinda lonely. I'm the only blogger...

Except I'm not. =P

Anyways, I should be doing a little bit of French homework, but I decided to write here first, seeing as I didn't do much today anyways.

Other then continue my attempt to find a good way to put in my contacts. I can get them out alright. Putting them in sucks. Oh well. It'll get better, I'm sure.

Sometimes I actually do feel like my blogs are slightly pointless. Really. I'm not really saying anything too significant. Meh. Maybe I do sometimes. Then I just have pointless days like this, where I basically post just to be able to say I did. Oh well.

Must prepare for a fun new week of school. Yay.

Oh, and must spend most of tomorrow praying that my reeds makes in through my audition. I may or may not talk to the university bassoonist tomorrow at the seminar to see if they have any reed tips. Perks of having university bassoon buddies. =)

A perk for social. =)


"A Wiggle. A cross between a wizard and a muggle."

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