Sunday, September 02, 2007

I win!

That's right, today I beat Zelda: Twilight Princess. I'm so proud of myself. It's the first Link game I've actually played. And by played, I mean more then getting on my brother's file to ride the horse, which is what I always did on the N64 Link. But it was pretty awesome. Mind you, I didn't win quietly. No, the last dungeon and a half it wasn't uncommon to hear me yelling at the TV. Mostly because I'd make a wrong move, or press a wrong button, and blame Link and the game and yell at it. Although I did refrain from using any huge curses. =P

Anyways, I'm very proud of myself, and the plotline was amazing! I was disappointed when it ended...but I usually am when it comes to games with amazing plotlines. I just want it to keep on going forever.

I'm not exactly sure if I saved properly after beating the game I may or may not have to beat the last part of the boss again if I ever go on it again. Because I kinda want to run around Hyrule Country while it's not being inhabited by evil creatures of various sorts. Just to see what it's like. And because I like riding the horse. =)

"Nobody presses the A button like my sister!" - My brother. =)

Anyways, so that's really the only major thing that happened today, seeing as I started playing at about 1:00 ish and didn't come upstairs again until 4:30. But hey, after playing for an hour and getting that close to the end, I couldn't just stop.

We watched Cars tonight. That's a good movie. I love it so much. Especially the music. It's great.

My brother's all depressed because tomorrow's the last day of summer vacation. It doesn't bother me much, but that's probably because I know that my friends in the good old US of A have already been going to school for 2 weeks. =P

And now I intend to finish part of my ever-growing To-Do list. At least half of that list in made up of e-mailing somebody about something, so I hope to finish all the e-mails I need to do tonight, so I don't have to worry about them. Most of them I've put off for far too long anyways.

I also need to order a new reed knife and a sharpening stone, because I really really really need more reeds, and my blade is definitely super dull. It's crazy. So that's not good.

And forgive the random quote at the end of this. I couldn't think of a quote besides my various yelling/swearing at the game...


"Sometimes tubas menstruate."

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