Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It's weird to think that everybody in the world has something that everybody else doesn't know about them.

I'll be reading somebody's blog, and suddenly I'll think 'wow, there is a whole other level to this person.'

I know people who I think put themselves right out to the world, and aren't afraid to hide anything, and then somehow I'll find out that even they have things that they don't share.

Sometimes I feel like I just reflect upon other people's thoughts, and I never really have original thoughts of my own.

It's understandable, kinda. I live off other people. Despite the fact that I'm kinda antisocial in the morning, I love being with friends.

For the record, these are all random thoughts. I have no interest currently in following a specific thought pattern. Or line. Or anything.

I want to go busking. Really. It'd be fun, I think, and at least a way to make some spare change every now and then. Stupid city of Calgary doesn't like to show where / how to get busking permits, so that's useful.

If I'm not doing anything productive, I should actually go to bed kinda early for once.

And finish writing a letter.

I wish we talked more. Sometimes I want something so desperately that it's really not even funny. Sometimes when I take a step back, I wonder if I really want to jump into something again if it really does take so much work to hold it together.

It shouldn't take work. If it takes work, it's not right. It's not worth it.

That's a lie. I know it is.

In response to the last post: Impulse.


"You were thinking about how he'd look in a bathing suit, weren't you?"

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