Thursday, June 05, 2008


I'm feeling awesomely.

So awesomely, that I don't even feel like going into detail on all the reasons I feel awesome.

I probably will eventually. But for now I'd just like to keep them to myself. I feel like I've been expressing a lot of myself lately, and for now I'd just like to keep this to me. Not for any self-conscious reasons. Just because I feel like it.

Hehe. =)

Adam was kind of right.

And on another topic, I really wish Kelsk didn't have to go on tour. I'm sure she'll have a blast, despite the lack of sleep (who actually sleeps on music trips anyways?), but always seems like she leaves just before something happens of which I have to talk to her about. =P

Three days!


"It's 'Come as you are' day! No doing hair, makeup, and wearing whatever makes you feel good!"
" already never do your never wear makeup...and you always wear whatever makes you feel isn't that just like any other day?"
"Yeah...but this time it has a name!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry I left you! that's one thing it's true I always seem to have to go somewhere when you need to talk to me about something so then I get texts or you wait until I get back and spring a bunch of things on me it's awesome :P