Thursday, June 26, 2008

The long and winding road

"There are many twists and turns in the road of life. Many bends to go around. And this road takes you many places. Many places. The road of life may bring you to places that you never really expect to go. And eventually the road of life will bring you to the gas station of life. And the gas station in life will help you along, and be a stopping point when you need it. And then it will also bring the bathroom of life. Many interesting things may happen in this bathroom, and it could possibly change your life. [I'm going to lose my virginity and morals in a bathroom?] But then you return to the road of life, and all the turns and bends that come with it. And this road of life will take you many places, and through many places (for instance, Banff)[Which, is the the STD capitol, by the way]. And through all this, the road may be difficult and hold dangers [like STDs?] and you must look after your tires and get them through it. [I have to check my tires for STDs?]. Remember to change them seasonally and check their air pressure. [I should change boyfriends seasonally?] [Is anybody actually following this?] [Not really.] [I stopped listening.] [I definitely got lost.] [What's going on?]"

-Elliot's attempted...supportive? motivational? encouraging? inspirational? for Rae, narrated ( [ ] ) by the rest of us, Kees, Rae, Miranda, Sam, and myself.


"I am man! I have testicular power!"


rachel shea said...

wait, that was for me???? I thought it was for Miranda!!!
I should have paid better attention!!
and I like your writing, lady.
serious: AITC.

Calminaiel said...

Was it for Miranda? I thought it was for you insisting you won't give up your morals, and Elliot trying to tell you that you might.


Maybe I should pay better attention.

And who is being assigned to the AITC assignment? Or shall we have to get together and do it? =P