Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yes, I got a nifty new list of blog links. Check it out --->

I know. You're all jealous. =)

Features: it lists all the blogs by how recent they were updated, and lists the title of the most recent post.

Not that you couldn't have figured that out for yourself, but I felt the need to say it out loud, just because it's that cool. Plus, now I can use that to see which ones have been updated, instead of having to check all of them every night. Time saver! (by, like, 30 seconds, but whatever)

Other than that, I'm basically just blogging to show you a little excerpt of what is going on in my mind right now...

Self: Life is beautiful. Summer's here, it's warm, high school is over...

Musician: Practice for your frickin' exam! Studies! You shall fail them!

Self: Ah, negative thoughts! You are not wanted here! Repress! Repress!

Musician: Don't shut me out! You know it's true!

Guilt factor: How will you ever succeed with this attitude? You need to practice to be a musician! And you're not practicing! How can you call yourself a real musician!

Self: Repress! Repress!

Clueless optimism: Oh, it's so sunny out. Finally having nothing to do is wonderful. Everything will be fine. You're fine for your pieces, and your excerpts, and even scales aren't that bad. We'll be fine. Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and gorgeous...

Procrastination: Besides, you can practice later. All you really need to do is look over them. And anything that you really can't play, it's kind of too late to fix it anyways. So, really...

Self: Okay, maybe you guys are right. I'm okay.

Musician: Practice, you loser!

Guilt factor: You're going to fail! Fail!

Self: Shut up! Help me out guys!

Optimism: Tralalala, life is is wonderful...

Guilt factor: Failure!!

Self: Optimism! Work harder!

Optimism: Tralalala, he'll go away eventually...

Self: That's not helping.

Imagination: Hm, what could we bring out...we have your Raven storyline we could go into. Or you had that fascinating dream last night we could focus on...

Self: That's true. That really was interesting. There was this guy, and we were in this house...

Musician: Practice!! Practice!!

Self: Ouch, that load of negative feeling hit me like a load of bricks.

Guilt Factor: Good! Do something about it!

Self: Fine! Time to bring out the big guns...

ADD: Hey, look, a bird!

Self: Ooh, it's a really fat one. And he's just sitting in the yard. I wonder if he'll do anything...

ADD: Let's watch. Or even better, go water those flowers, they're looking a little wilty. Woah, Champ has a stick!


And the rest is history.

Seriously, my dream last night. There were a lot of different things, but the thing that was constantly happening was the fact that we were at a house resembling my grandparents, and Guys with Ties were there. Doing a the basement...whatever.

Anyways, there was this other guy who was really quiet and reserved and I like him, and talked to him and hung out with him a bunch. For some reason I couldn't remember his name. Like, ever. All I could remember was that his middle name was Ryley.

So when Ryley (Guys with Ties, Ryley) came over, I introduced him as Ryley, mostly because I thought it was funny to introduce Ryley and Ryley.

Then dream Ryley laughed and said that wasn't actually his name, and I'm like, yeah, it's his middle name, but I thought it would be funny to introduce you two like that. Then we all laughed, but it was slightly awkward, because I just didn't introduce him by his first name, because I couldn't remember it. Then it struck me how much middle name Ryley looked like Guys with Ties Ryley. And I have a vague thought that maybe that's why I liked him. =P

I also remember taking the bus to work. I don't know where I worked, or what I did, but I took the bus there. Some little very nice girl worked with me, as well as Carson.

There was also something about me picking up a trombone like I was actually going to play with Guys with Ties...then I saw Erika coming up with hers and I was like 'What am I thinking? I can't play trombone.' and I put it down again. It was a really crappy trombone, and that's coming from somebody who doesn't play it.

And that's about all I remember. Anybody wanna try looking that up in the dream dictionary? I would, but I wouldn't even know what to look up...there doesn't exactly seem to be a common theme throughout that.

Oh, another note about middle name Ryley. He was always in the basement, and he liked the dark, so whenever I went there, I'd have to look around for him in the dark before I actually found him. And once I found him in a chair all curled up in a little ball, and I went over to him and just hugged him, and it was sweet, and he was cute. =)

Then Guys With Ties Ryley came over and interrupted us, and caused the awkward introduction. =P


"Brittany's drinking! That's just crazy and- I DON'T CARE!"

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Melda said...

Yay more mind conversations :) They're very entertaining to read. And I like your links. Maybe I will be encouraged to post when I discover how close to the bottom mine is.