Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Party

My brother turned thirteen today. He's a teen. Amazing...he's my little brother, he can't be a teen yet...anyways, moving on.
His friends came over today. It was kinda tiring. I mostly stayed upstairs in my room...I decided to ignore and avoid the yelling coming from the basement. They were all playing some sort of video game they gave him. I doubt it's one I'll ever get into.
Anyways, we had a fire in the firepit outside, which was fun. We roasted hot dogs, and marshmellows, and then we got to have the Gelato that me and my dad bought earlier. I love Gelato. It has flavors ice cream can only dream about. And it's really rich.
We also played croquet, which was fun. I won the first round I played. Then I lost, but that's only because my dad got lucky, just as my luck kinda ran out. But then I beat him in the next round, which made me feel better.
I got my brother some two wireless GameCube controllers. He really liked them. I set them up and everything while he was out by the fire, and left a note beside them. He found them when they all went back inside after the fire excitement died down. He also got a new computer game from mom, which probably means my chances of getting on the computer during the day are going to be slim. Although, when school starts I'll hardly have time for the computer anyways, so I guess it doesn't matter.
Hm...what else happened today...oh, there was a kitty in our yard! A shorthaired orange one. He's so adorable. He kept trying to get in the house when we opened the door. He had a tag, saying his name was Sparticus. Turns out he's our neighbor's cat, but he's an outdoors cat, so it's alright. He's really cute. I hope he comes and visits more.
Oh, and me and my dad stole wood from the back alley! It's actually really funny, he said everytime he walks by there he sees this big pile of old wood that these people are just going to throw away, and it bugs him because while other people see old wood, he sees firewood. So today as we're going to get Gelato, he stops by the house and mentions that it doesn't look like anybody's home. So then he drives down the alley, and we load a bunch of the wood into this big box and take it home. It was so funny. A really good summer vacation story.
I can't post a picture of my bracelets yet, since we have to go get the card for the digital camera printed before we delete any pictures. I promise I'll post one as soon as I can. I started another one tonight. A zig-zag one, with orange, white, and greyish-brown. Yeah, kinda weird, but I really need more colours. It'll probably come in handy tomorrow. We're going to get our passports, and mom says we'll be in line for at least an hour. I figure it would take at least an hour or so to finish that bracelet...even so, I'll bring other stuff to...just in case...

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Melda said...

Ooo, tell Graham happy birthday from me. Are you getting all your reunion pics printed?