Thursday, August 24, 2006


I got mail today! Andrea sent me a letter. Just because. Mail is so fun, I should start sending it more often. I think I'll sent a couple more letters, just because I can. I'll probably write one to Ry, and...well, I'll think of more people later...mail is fun. =)

I actually didn't do too bad in Mario Golf today. We tied. =) I think I'm getting better. Or just lucky. Either way works for me, really.

Apparently today is some national fireworks festival or something. Dad told us. We can hear them from our house, and since it's super cloudy, we can see all the colours reflected off the clouds. It's really neat.

And it made me really happy that there are fireworks on the 24th. It's a special day, the 24th. So...happy seven months to us. =) It's weird, for the past three 24ths, we've been away from each other. I was at band camp, and now he's at a friend's cabin. Go figure.

Anyways, apologies for all those who don't have a clue about what I'm talking about right now. =) Maybe I'll do something drastic and exciting tomorrow to make up for this boring post...


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Melda said...

Tell me about it - I didn't even post yesterday, the day was so boring. It was basically the same as Tuesday so why bother?