Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Reed Making!

Yeah, sorry about missing yesterday...I was talking on the phone until about 12:30, and I didn't really feel like posting. But nothing really happened yesterday anyways. I went to the dentist, where they scraped my teeth with some pointy metal object with hurt like...well, it hurt a lot. And I lost a game of Mario Golf to my brother, with the pathetic score of 14 - 4...or something like that...it was a mini game type of thing, so more points were actually better in that case. The point is...I lost.

So anyways. Today I headed over to my bassoon teacher's house for a reed making class! It was really fun. She didn't really say a lot that I didn't already know, since she's shown me how to make reeds before, but it was still fun. I was kinda scared at first, since I knew there would be a couple university students there, but it wasn't that bad. One of the girls was a first year university student, and she had already made a bunch of reeds, at least one which works, but she's really nice. Another girl was a second year university student with no reed making experience. Another was going into grade 12, so just a year older then me, and apparently she's in the CYO. So it was really neat to meet another person in the CYO. She seems super nice, although fairly quiet. And a professional bassoonist was also there. She's a friend of my teacher, but apparently she hasn't made her own reeds for the longest time, and she's thinking she should start again.

So ya, it was super fun. I really should start making my own reeds here soon, but there are still a couple tools that I want to get. I guess they aren't really needed...I've had a couple people say I can substitute them with the things I already have...but still. I would feel better if I just had them.

Nothing much happened when I got back home. I made my timetable changes for school, which I've been meaning to do for a while. Nothing major, I just want to change my spare to math 30. I have to make sure dad takes that to work and faxes it to the school tomorrow...

Hm...and I lost another game of Mario Golf today and finished my new book. There's my day in a nutshell, pretty much.


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Melda said...

I know it's fun...but I'm rather resentful of the reed-making...:P