Sunday, August 20, 2006

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Yup...nothing really happened today. My uncle got a new car, I guess that's something. It's black. Pretty.

But other then that...nothing.

My mood was crazy today, if that counts for anything. This morning I was all hunky-dory and happy and stuff. Then I totally just went downhill for no particular parents said something at dinner and...I dunno. It obviously did something to me because I was definatly not a happy camper. Now...I dunno. Now I guess I'm just trying to supress the thoughts that made me unhappy, and hope that I can sleep it off. I usually feel better in the mornings. If I tell myself it'll all seem better in the morning, it usually does. Which is nice.

I guess lack of activity could also contribute to my mood. Like, seriously, I didn't do anything. Which forces me to be alone with my thoughts...which is usually dangerous in my case. I really should get out for a walk or something...

Hm...somebody very important to me is leaving for a week on Tuesday to go to a friend's cabin. I know it's pathetic of me to be missing him already, and he'll probably have a great time out there. But...yes...

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Melda said...

I know, isn't it horrible when you're all happy and then suddenly one of your parents says something or other and you slump like a deflated balloon?