Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life in general

So, I was totally going to rant here about how I hate it when you need people to do something for you, even a very simple thing, and they still can't do it. Then you're left hanging there, needing to get stuff done, but unable to while people aren't helping.

But that mood quickly passed. I feel much better now.

Note to self: Must update news on Abe music group, and on music council website. I've been putting that off because I really haven't had the energy/effort to get to work on it, so I should just get it done.

Other note to self: Must also water my plants. They're dying. It's hard to sleep at night because I swear I can hear them all crying out to me.

Okay, so maybe it's not that bad. But hey, at least I have an imagination. Or whatever you want to call that thing inside my skull.

Man, I am in a weird mood right now. I think I'm just insanely happy, but it's not the kind of happy that makes me bounce around and be all hyper. It's an inside happy that just generally brightens my day. The kind of happy that makes me wish it wasn't night, and that I was hanging around with friends and laughing and generally enjoying life.

Which I technically am doing right now. Enjoying life, that is. I'm just not doing it with friends.

And I won't really be enjoying life when I have to get to work on my social. But at least I get to do it here. It's a lot more relaxing then a classroom.

I also have to write in the notebook tonight, and finish my pro/con list. I'm horrible at writing those. I'm better at sorting piles...sometimes. There are the occasional times where everything seems to end up in the maybe pile. Which isn't exactly helpful most of the time.

Grade 10s make my day. I know we've already mostly discussed that, but it's very true.

I was walking down the hall during French, to get something from the office, and I saw Mark dash out of a classroom, put on a pair of glasses, stick a paper tie to his shirt, and walk back it. It was very odd.

Oh, I was also going to rant about people who don't show up to meetings, and then wonder why they don't know what's going on, and then they try to discuss everything with one other person afterwards. Which doesn't work. That's why there are meetings.

But I don't feel like going to much into that. I'm in a happy mood, I'd like to stick with that.

I definitely need some cookies. We haven't had any in forever.

And I am looking forward to pajamas tomorrow. Not so much my bassoon lesson, seeing as I haven't practiced all week, and my mouth still kinda hurts, and I'll be using a stupid bassoon and most likely a stupid reed. But oh well. I will bring my camera to All Cities, so maybe we can get some fun rehearsal pictures to put on our facebook group.

Must go now if I expect to finish everything I want to, and perhaps get to bed at a half decent time.

Ha. Bed at a half decent time. Like that'll ever happen. =P


"Oh...I was hoping they joined because they saw our posters."


Zoë Chlorophyll said...

"Oh...I was hoping they joined because they saw our posters."

Melda said...

happy mood = good. *nods wisely*