Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life is good

Okay, yeah, I was definitely over-thinking things last night. It was one of those moments where things just built up and pretty soon it felt like I had so many things in my head I was going to explode. Which I basically did. But I'm alright now, so that's good.

I love the way Chloe put it. When you're single, you either have a crush on nobody, or everybody. It's so true. And I'm most definitely the type to have a crush on everybody.

Anyways, I have to veer away from this topic soon, or I'll start being all thoughtful again and it'll just lead to something similar to what happened last night, and I can only have one of those episodes every once in a while. Too much, and it's not healthy.

But it is good to know I'm not the only one like this. =)

Not much else to say other then I'm really starting to wander away from signing up for online math. I mean, I got myself ready to do it, and I said I was going to, and then I went to do it...and then I started to find out how much work it takes to do it, and my resolution to just get it done started to leave...

I don't really want to go into more detail about that, because I know I'll just end up going in circles. It's stupid.

I definitely love writing notes. I think it's an awesome way to communicate. That's probably one of the reasons I like letters so much. And speaking of letters, I still have a few to write. But anyways...

I guess I really don't have that much to say tonight...

Nope, not right now. So I think I'm gonna get my french done so I can go to bed. I doubt we need anything done in social, and I hope we don't, because I don't plan on doing anything for social.


"Adorable in a puppy dog way, or adorable in a more significant way?"

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Zoë Chlorophyll said...

adorable in a more significant way =)