Saturday, September 29, 2007

The most amazing movie ever

I watched it tonight. Me, Chloe, and Henry went to the movies. It was very totally amazing. Across the Universe, which is the movie with all the Beatles songs if you're like me and can't identify a movie by just the title.

It was seriously so amazing, Not great if you're the kind of person that's plot orientated, but amazing if you're a thinker type. There were so many things that I knew had some message hidden in it somewhere, but I just couldn't completely get it. I really want to suggest (strongly suggest) that we watch it in English, just so we could have a huge discussion on it so I might actually understand it more.

Anyways. Today was definitely very fun. I have to upload pictures from Heritage Park onto facebook, because that was totally awesome. I also saw Weston there, which was great.

I get to sleep in tomorrow, which is amazing. It also means that I actually get to stay up tonight, and give in to my inner night owl. Which will be very nice.

I also think I'm gonna lay off the playing for another week. I'll probably play for major stuff like U of C Symphonic Band, but for the most part, I think I'm gonna go easy in school, and just practice fingerings for my lessons, and not actually play. I played through all three hours of All Cities, and then the whole sectional for CYO today. My mouth felt like it just went back a whole week. Not very pleasant. It doesn't feel all that bad now, but still, I'd rather let it heal a little more, rather then doing the whole two steps forward and one step back kinda thing.

Not much else to say I think. Although I am missing RPing. Between talking about it with Corey and writing about it in writers workshop, I really am missing it. Sigh.


"The table's not long enough? Well, use your imagination. Be creative."


Melda said...

*ahem* a certain person here would be happy to reintroduce you to said lovely world of RPing...:D

And i'm sorta confused...why are you not playing? You were, and now you aren't, and nobody explained to me :P


Zoë Chlorophyll said...


yesterday was the shit.