Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alright, guys

I think I've finally figured it out. At least for now.

At this moment, I am calm. Which I'm sure is probably a great relief for everybody who's had a put up with my random panicked shpeals about nothing.

So, after many a conversation with myself ["Um, Self, really? I don't think so."], a good heart to heart talk with my emotions ["You know it's true."], many an argument with logic ["Does this seem like a logical situation to you? Learn to make an appearance when you're actually needed."], and a random and unwelcome appearance from my overly cautious side ["What? Who let you in here?"], I have finally accepted the fact that I know as much as I can know at the moment, and there's no use worrying about what I don't know until it comes to it. And even then I shouldn't worry about what's going to happen, because really, it's a win-win situation either way.

As a side note, I still blame Logic for letting Overly Cautious in. It just seems like something he'd do.

That being over and done with, I am currently sitting on my bed with Champ beside me. He's good company, no matter what mood you're in. And he's so cute.

Did I ever tell you about the time I took a nap with him? Not kidding. I was so tired, I forget why. Probably the end of the semester or something. I came into my bedroom and he's already lying on my bed. So I lay down beside him, with his back against my chest, and put my arm over him and doze for a while. Exactly when the transfer from dozing to sleeping occurred, I'm not sure. But I definitely woke up 45 minutes later and we were both in the exact same position.

Today was a pretty lazy day. Champ never got overly excited whenever I walked around, because it was pretty lousy outside. Cloudy, windy, the whole nine yards. He knew there was no way I was taking him for a walk in that weather. I love you sweetie, but I don't love wind. Plus, the last time we went for a walk when it was super cloudy, we got hailed on. So we just cruised inside today.

He did get a little spooked when the thunder started. But by the time it really got up, Uncle Chester was home to distract him, so that was okay.

Yes, Champ. I know you love to have your belly rubbed. But I'm blogging. Give me a minute.

Today I was eating my pizza pop (why I still have pizza pops when I have endless time to make a real meal, I have no idea), and I always give him my plate with the various pizza fillings that escaped. He knows I always give it to him, so he's sitting nearby while I'm on the couch, reading the paper and eating. When I finish, I put the plate on my lap and call him over. Now, I very very rarely give him food for free. It just doesn't happen.

So I tell him to put his head down. A usual request when I'm too lazy to make him do a real trick. He knows that this move is most effective when he puts his head on me (whether it's my leg, knee, stomach, etc. depends on the situation), and put his ears forward, because I'm always more likely to give him food when he looks cute. He knows this. He can be stupid, but he's not that stupid.

However, with the plate already on my lap, this makes things difficult. I tell him to put his head down. He glances first at me, then the plate, which is already only 2 inches from his nose, before looking casually somewhere else in the room.

I don't blame him. That plate was already very close, and I could tell it was tempting, especially as he knew he was going to get it anyways. But I trust him, and I was pretty sure he could find a way to put his head down and still resist the plate.

I tell him again to put his head down. Again, he looks at me, glances at the plate, and casually attempts to look away. Again, I say to put his head down.

So finally he turns towards me, puts his head down as far away as he possibly can from the plate, which means putting his head far up on my lap, so he's actually pressing against my stomach, and stares straight ahead. Even if you didn't even know him, you would be able to tell he was obviously trying not to think about the plate an inch away from his head.

Now, how can all of that not be completely adorable. He definitely earned his treat.

And now his paw is moving. Oh, and his nose too. He's so cute when he dreams. =)


"Oh, are you sure all you want to take is the jingly balls? You sure you wouldn't like...say...all of this furniture?"

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