Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogging after a few

And by a few, I mean two.

Not that that's a lot, but I can still feel it a little.

I don't usually do this. Blog at this time, after a few, I mean.

I just felt the need to say that I can't decide if having a couple was a good idea or not.

Actually, I can. Considering...and also...

Yes and yes.

So I'm okay.

Bed now.

(PS: I'm not as bad as I probably seem right now.)


"Long or short?"
"Long. ;)"


rachel shea said...

I can't believe you're going to camp and I haven't seen you in know how I feel about having a few, we should have done that! :)
stay awesome, Robyn. and call me when you get home!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A few eh? no idea what that means. Any-who you are a deeply complex soul robyn. stay like that. If you wernt as robyn-ie as you are would be...less robyn-ie? (sorry ment to be deep came out weird.