Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You know that feeling you get when you finally get the chance to approach or talk to somebody you think is amazing, and you admire and respect and all that jazz - and it's so obvious that they really couldn't care less about you even though you might think the world of them?

I hate that feeling. It's so utterly disappointing.

I hope I never become like that. I hope that if I ever become somebody that other people look up to, or have any reason to be excited about having the chance to talk to me, I hope I'll take the time to have a chat with them and not just brush them off.

I know moments will probably come when I do that. I know there have probably been moments like that already. But I really hope I don't do it on purpose. And I really hope I never will, and I'll recognize when somebody really wants to talk and I'll take the time at least give them a decent hello, or something. Not just brush them away.

It's one of those moments that you experience with somebody, and your first thought is 'I hope I'm never like that.'

Does anybody else get those, or is it just me?


"Well, there is less cartoon violence here than on the computer. At least they don't plummet to the ground and get squashed into a puddle of their own blood."

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Anonymous said...

I get it too your not the only one