Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So, I had the most amazing dream last night. My definition of 'amazing' in this case may differ slightly from yours, but we'll see. I'll spend pretty much this whole thing talking about it, because once I get going, I won't stop. I'ts a pretty long dream too, actually. Nothing really happened today anyways...except I considered arranging some of my piano music that I have (mostly Lord of the Rings stuff) for an ensemble of some sort. Anyways, on to the dream...

So, I started at my school. Except it wasn't really my school. It had carpet all over (mostly dark green and dark red) and the halls were bigger. But anyways.

It was my first day at school, so I went to my first class, where we had the weirdest test. My friend Andrea was there with me, and for some reason we weren't sitting at desks, we were standing at some counter in the classroom. Anyways, this was a really weird test...something between logic and art. It was one of those logic questions, like it gave us 5 people or something and 5 pets, and give some obscure clues, and we had to figure out which pet went with which person. And we had to draw the pet.

Anyways, for some reason it was slightly dark in the class, and I couldn't see the test very well, so I got my glasses out...which didn't actually help much. And Andrea seemed to understand what we were doing perfectly, which freaked me out, since I had no idea.

So the bell rang for next class, except I didn't get out of class until 5/10 minutes later (I couldn't really keep track of time in that dream, but I was late) because I was trying to finish this test that I didn't understand. So I left the class and wandered around before realizing that I had left my timetable back in that class. So I went back to that room (after getting very lost), but it wasn't there and I was really mad that somebody had moved / taken it.

So I think somebody told me I had to go to the office and ask them to print another one for me. But I couldn't find the office. And when I finally found the place where I remember the office being, there was actually a candy shop there. Yes, inside the school. So I was really confused. And then this girl was singing, for some reason, and in between her lyrics, she told me the office was now somewhere else. So I turned around and when wherever she told me to go (I can't remember) and found the office, and told the lady I needed a new timetable. But she was making stuffed animals at the time. She asked me if I could fluff up this one animal while she got my timetable. So I took this stuffed animal and fluffed it while she started writing. She was writing a long time, and while I was fluffing this animal, it's fur also fell out...for some reason. And it changed colours a few times.

Anyways, she finally hands me this stand of post-it notes and I leave. And there's about 12 post-it notes there, and the first 11 are some motivational speech or something, talking about...I dunno, motivational stuff. And on the very last post-it note, there's my timetable. And I had potions next.

Now, you can probable tell I had somehow switched to Harry Potter, but, like what often happens in dreams, I didn't question it.

So, I thought, 'well, I dunno where Snape's room is,' (because, believe it or not, he was teaching potions), 'but I know it's in the dungeons, so I'll go there,'

So I went down there, which turned out to be my basement, and then started panicking because I forgot how to get even lower then my basement into Snape's room. I was now in the role of Harry Potter, I guess, because I thought 'well, Snape already doesn't like me, and he'll kill me if I'm this late,' I also thought it was pretty sad that I forgot how to get to the class, since (apparently) I had been going there for five years.

So I took out my wand (which was actually just a huge metal screw/bolt thing, only the size of a wand) and waved it a little, and then this place in the wall glowed. And I was like, oh, right. And I stepped into it.

And fell onto this big rope web in the middle of the sky. Like I said, in my dream, I didn't question it. And there was Snape, standing on one end of it, and other people were lined up with benches and cauldron's in front of them. But then there were this scary guys on moterbikes, and they were riding around the web, and I started climbing around to avoid them. Eventually they stopped, and I sat behind my bench again, and Snape told us to start making our potions.

And here, for the first time, of all times, I knew it was a dream. Really. I thought 'okay, so since I'm dreaming, do I actually have to make the potion, or will it just make itself...because I don't have any of the stuff I need to make this potion...'

So, I sat there, and concentrated on the potion, because I knew Snape hated me and I really wanted to do well. So I just kinda stared at my potion, and slowly liquid started to fill it, and eventually it looked like everybody elses, so...I had a potion.

Then he was giving out this award for the best potion. And he gave it to Cedric Diggory. Then I turned to my cousin (who just happened to suddenly be sitting beside me) and said 'is that Cedric? Didn't he die last year?'

And then, somehow we were walking back up to the school over this grassy hill, and Cedric had this cape, which was apparently his prize thing. And my cousin replied 'oh, they probably just ran out of actors, so they just used Cedric again,' (somehow we were now talking about the movie or something...)

I replied 'that's stupid, they could have just pulled some extra out of the crowd and used them...'

And that's where the dream ended. Now we can pull out this dream interpretation book I got for fun, and see if we can try to figure out what this dream means...

Apparently dreaming about school appears at a time when we are attempting to get rid of antiquated ideas and concepts. A test can idicate some form of self-assessment, like a test of knowledge. Getting lost can signify anxiety, and losing something is like the search for enlightenment. Being late suggests we are not totally in control of the situations around us. Magic speaks of our ability to link with our deepest powers and alert us to our on inner talents. The sky can represent the mind, signify our potential, and relect our mood. In my case, it was clear, so joy. And to be climbing a hill in the company of others often indicates that we have a common goal, that a journey we thought was ours alone is actually not, and we can use their knowledge to help us.

I think that's almost everything big from that...

I can understand that I'm trying to get rid of old ideas, something about a self-assessment, I'm anxious, and searching for enlightenment. I'm not totally in control of things around me, and I need to link with my inner talents. I'm quite happy thought, and I'm sharing a common goal with others.

Hm...can anybody else make more sense out of that? =)


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Melda said...

Hey fun, I was in a dream! I probably dreamt something last night, but I have no clue what it was except that I didn't wake up feeling scared spitless or sad so it must have been an okay dream.