Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mozart in the Mountains

I'm really tired...and I have a this post might not be super long, but anyways...

Mozart in the Mountains was great. It was so nice outside. This year it was held on a golf course near Three Sisters. It was really nice. I loved the grass. =) But it was golf course grass, meaning it was really nice.

My dad got VIP tickets, which was nice, so we got to be in the VIP tent with snacks and food and stuff. But the music was so great. Lovely bassoon lines.

Yes, I did find Brandrea, and we got to talk for a while. My brother came with me, and after he met those two, he said he wasn't afraid of band geeks anymore. Which I thought was really weird. Geez, Bryan's the only band geek who scares me like there's no tomorrow, and my brother thinks he's an awesome guy. Go figure.

My brother, by the way, played Mario Bros. on his gameboy through most of the concert. Though I didn't really expect anything more from him. But if he ever does that during one of my concerts, especially if I have a solo during it, he's a dead man.

So yes, it was really fun. I told Bryan to have fun at UBC. And as much as I feel sorry for Andrea that Bryan's leaving, I'm glad Andrea's staying. I love Andrea. She's really nice, and I'm really glad we've started to hang out more.

While my brother and I were looking for them, he asked me what they looked like. I replied with, "Well, Bryan's tall...and as light hair. And Andrea's nice," He said that didn't help him with Andrea much. But really, that's the only description I really have of Andrea. She's nice. =) Beside's, I told him as long as we kept talking relatively loud, and mentioned there names here and there, and maybe said bassoon, trumpet, or clarinet every once in a while, they'd find us. Which they did.

It was a fun day, and I'm sad that my mom and Ry couldn't be there, because that would have made it better. But, such is life, and it goes on, so it's all good in the end. =)


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