Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ignorance is bliss

The best parts of yesterday:

Hearing the words "Robyn, I need help!" at least 3 times coming from grade tens.

Seeing Dan backstage.

Seeing Heffernan (from now on to be known as Jesse) backstage.

Talking to Jesse on facebook.

Adam giving me a pat on the head as he walked by.

Finding out that the backstage people aren't as uptight and scary as I tend to think they are.

Getting a front row spot in choir.

Being less self-concious than I ever have been in choir.

It's the little things that bring the most happiness.

As a side note, I'm currently writing this in the school library, and a couple in the row of computers in front of me have been alternitively laughing in a cute / adorable way and kissing the entire time. I'm equal parts happy forthem, wanting them to do it elsewhere, and being the bitter single girl. =)



"I'm already using my newfound power as an adult on Saturday, and I'm thinking I might only want to use that power once a week..."

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rachel shea said...

brilliant quote.
and how true.
next weekend?