Thursday, May 29, 2008

Turning into Gatsby

As Chloe once put it: How appropriate of a title.

I liked grad a lot. Like, really.

I didn't even find the ceremony that boring. I mean, the reading of the names was a little tedious, but I had friends spread out over the entire alphabet, and I knew at least every third person or so (and by knew, I mean, I've seen them in the hallways once or twice) so I always had somebody to watch or look forward to.

I love Corey so much. Actually. From leading my around by the arm (or vice versa, whichever one it was =P), to holding hands, it was just soo much fun, and I'm so glad he came.

Seriously, we were a great grad couple. I really enjoyed grad, despite the fire bell and more than half the people leaving. Whatever.

I didn't dance with everybody I was planning to dance with, but I got the two dances that I wanted to get, so it's all good.

Corey's the first guy I ever danced close with (as in, not even the close dance position...actually just having both arms around each other), the first guy I danced with and put my head on his shoulder, and the first guy I danced with and closed my eyes basically the entire time. It was great. And it was to Rascal Flatts 'My Wish', which is such a great song, and so perfect for our situation, I think. Maybe that's just me.

And then he kissed me on the cheek afterwards. =) He's the best guy ever. I challenge you to find a friend as good as Corey. It's a toughy.

My other dance was with Ryley. Which seemed really appropriate to me. I mean, from the initial crush, friendship, a serious crush, first dates, going out, cheesy moments, gelato, loving phone calls until 5:00 in the morning, loving letters, all the meaningful secrets, not speaking, being overall confused, breaking up, getting back together, actually breaking up, not even looking at each other, hesitantly speaking to each other, eventually clearing things up and confessing, to finally being comfortable friends again, and all the laughter, tears, and both loving and hateful feelings in between, how could it possibly have been a complete grad without a dance with Ryley?

...Okay, maybe that's just me, but I hope you can at least imagine where I'm coming from, right?

"It's been three years. You want to go dance?"

That's pretty much how it went down. I thought it was clever. Maybe he just thought it was stupid. But it seemed very movie like, and I came up with that on Monday, so I wanted to use it. It's not often that I can use clever lines like that in real life.

And that really was fun. Besides the fact that he can dance way better than I can, and I missed the Octopus every time we tried to do it, but we pulled it off in our own way, and that's all that matters.

And Kelsk's was a lot of fun too.

Lesson learned: Complete exhaustion and alcohol don't mix. Don't try that at home children.

Not that it was horrible or anything, it's just that when I drink, than exhaustion hits me really hard, and if I'm already there when I start drinking...I wasn't exactly hardcore partying or anything. =P Not that any of us were. Unless you count sitting in a circle, drinking (either coolers, iced tea, or water, depending on your preference), chatting, eating chips, putting on a movie and eventually crashing on wherever we happened to be lying at the time, hardcore partying. =P

I have had a lot of extremely long sentences tonight, haven't I? Oh well, that's what you get when Robyn tries to fit a lot of events into a semi-short blog so she can go to bed and be rested for her dress rehearsal in the morning. And lessons...and practicing for said lessons...and then a concert...and then a reception type thing afterwards...oh dear. Yet another long day.

How is June almost here already? Is it just me, or did May just fly by?

Hopefully after this week (which is my version of hell week) things will slow down slightly. Although, seeing as I'm looking at a window right now and seeing my motivation for physics flying out of it, next week could also be potentially difficult in its own way.

At least it left a gift basket and a card:

Robyn, it is summer
I'm leaving just for kicks
I left a little present
Called apathy for physics.



I wonder if I can tie a bone to its tail, and it'll just chase it around in circles during physics, leaving me to actually concentrate. Or maybe I can just teach it to lay down, and it can have a nap while I'm working.

Because obviously thinking about training a mental image of my own apathy for physics won't be distracting at all...

I always wanted to be a creative thinking, like Rebecca or Harker. I really want to think like they do, because I really admire them.

If Harker read this...what would he actually think of me? 'This is the girl I teach in class?' 'Did her friends drug her?' 'How has she managed to function in normal society for 18 years?'

Speaking of Harker, I meant to say hi to him at the banquet, but I never got around to it. Oh well.

Speaking of the banquet, I quite enjoyed the speeches, even if they were slightly long. Especially Dana's. It made my night.

I have a particularly sharp purple pencil crayon, and I have the urge to colour...I love colouring with pencil crayons...especially when they're nicely sharpened.

I also watched Happy Feet at Kelsk's this morning. Good movie. It's cute. Although Mumble really should've grown up at some point in the movie...come on, he didn't hatch that late.

And I need to ask Corey how work went today...and make sure he's still alive after getting basically an hour of sleep and then going to work for a full day...I feel bad for that one, but I hope he had fun.

At grad, I mean, not work. Although it'd be a bonus if he had fun at work to, being as tired as I'm sure he was.

I'm rambling. I need to get to bed.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.


"It's going to be the single most important day in your life so far, and you're going to be wearing rubber bracelets?"

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