Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh boy

I'm not in the best mood. Basically I don't want to talk to any member of my family. Nor do I want them reading over my shoulder while I write this. Nor do I want them anywhere near me, which means my brother attempting to sleep on the couch right behind me is not doing any good for my emotional state right now.

I saw Rae's dress today. It's drop dead gorgeous. It makes my dress look boring. And it reminds me of how disappointed I really am about the colour. I hate grad.

I also need to talk to Corey about grad. And next Wednesday. Why isn't that boy on msn?

I have so much stuff to do, and I know I won't even finish it until next week. Between grad and the whole concert deal with the CPO, this week is crazy. CPO deal is definitely slightly stressful. Messing up in front of professionals? Not so good. I'm kinda glad I'm on 2nd. Did I say kinda? I meant really.

And scholarships! Ah! I need to figure those out, preferable before June. Which is, surprise Robyn! This Sunday!! How did May go by so fast? Really.

My choices today were as such:


Stay at school during spare
Take the bus home <--- Select

Take the bus home = 1 hour 20 minutes

Be happy that I have music
Be happy that I'm in the rain
Be upset that I had 500 pounds of crap on my back <--- Select

Arrive home:

Make food
Go on computer
Go in room to avoid all contact <--- Select

Go in room:

Read English book
Work on English assignment
Study Physics
Play Nintendo DS <--- Select

Play DS:

Do Sudoku to attempt to increase brain power
Play mindless game using little thought <--- Select

Doesn't that just scream that I'm heading to a life full of success?

The problem with this time of year is that my mind gets into summer thinking before summer actually arrives.

If I can live through this week, I swear I'll be able to deal with anything else that comes after.

And I'm also having a pie / cake potluck party at my house on Sunday. I love hosting parties, I'm just not good at actually planning it myself. So it'll be good I think.


"I'm not until P, so I have loads of time. Heck, I'll go for a coffee, maybe grab some lunch...I'll just have my parents text me when they get to the Os."

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