Friday, October 20, 2006

And...More Honour Band

Yup...more honour band. Although I probably had the most emotional rehearsal I've ever had in my life. I'll give the readers digest version...I've already told it / discussed it at least three times. Anyways...

So, this percussionist, Veronica, kept making these mistakes in rehearsal. Not really serious mistakes, they just stood out because it's percussion, and percussion always stands out. So Ronnie (our conductor) got really mad at her and said he was two seconds away from kicking her out. So she left.

Afterwards, Graham (the guy who kinda helps organize honour band, and keep everything going smoothly) gave us a talk after lunch. Ronnie had a longer lunch. He told us that we're in honour band, and he respected her honourable decision to leave. He told us that nobody insults his band, and if we didn't want to play for Ronnie, then don't. He said we should play for ourselves, because we're in honour band, and play for Veronica.

He said a bunch of other stuff, but that's mainly the message. He was pretty mad, he didn't agree with Ronnie, and he swore a couple times and was in tears. Then he had us play the slow song, and we played it so well, it was amazing. Then we moved on to the march, but I left halfway through the first page. I wasn't just tearing up like some other people. I was bawling.

So. It wasn't completely a negative experiece I think. I mean, the fact that Veronica left is, but Graham's talk was so neat. It definately made the rest of the day harder, though. By the end, none of us really cared anymore. I think he was really dissapointed in us, but I mean, it was 9:00 at night, and we had just been through such a hard day!

I think I'm going to end up skipping my shower tomorrow. Hm...we'll see. I'll set my alarm early, and I get up, I get up, and if I don't, I don't. I probably won't. Although maybe the fact that I have a concert tomorrow will give me incentive to take a shower. So...we'll see.

I probably should go to bed right now. But I'm chatting to Kate and Randall, and I love chatting with friends. Especially since I haven't seen them for the past couple days.

Band camp picture...

There's a bunch of people on a bunk bed. In Maggie's cabin, I believe. I miss band camp...


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