Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yay! I made a reed tonight. It's so fun. I need to get a desk or corner or something to make reeds...I did it on my bedroom floor tonight. =) But it was fun. I'm so excited. I just don't have any nail polish to seal it I might not totally finish it for Friday. But we'll see. I'm excited. If Kelskie brings nail polish tomorrow (I e-mailed her) then I might try to work on it during tutorials and lunch. But again, we'll see.

Arg. I'm chatting to Matt on msn. I'm so mad at him. He got into honour band, just like me, and he got all the 2nd and contrabassoon parts. He even said he might actually be able to get his hands on a contra. Then he turns around and says he's not coming. I still don't really understand why, I'm just mad at him. Did I say I was chatting to him on msn? Oh no...I'm yelling at him on msn. He says I'm overreacting...well, he's not reacting enough. It's not only three's three days I might have been able to sit beside a contrabassoon! But oh no, he can't come. Sigh...sigh...

Band camp picture...

That's Brittany on the rock climbing wall. I never went on the rock climbing wall...I went horseback riding both this year and last year. Looks fun. Although, to be honest, I'll probably choose horses again next year...=)

I didn't finish all my social tonight...but neither did Randall. We're gonna work on it tomorrow morning. Kate also called me today, which was nice. Kate's adorable.

Time to get ready for tomorrow...


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