Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hockey Night

Stupid hockey. Stupid Flames goalie. But the team looked like they were trying, which makes it slightly better. But not much. I hate the Flames.

Anyways. Band camp picture...

That's Brittany and Lindsay. What they're doing...I'm not quite sure. But Lindsay looks beautiful, wouldn't you agree? Brittany looks pretty in basically every picture she's in.

I had a pretty lazy day. Probably played a total of 2 1/2 hours of DS...give or take. Probably give. I did go out and walk the dog with Graham. We got slurpees, even though it was cold outside. Supid wind. I don't like wind.

I should have practiced bassoon, but I really didn't feel like I didn't. I'll have to practice tomorrow though. I have so many things to do for my grade 8, I really have to start practicing more. Especially working on my high notes.

I did practice piano though, so that's good. I like playing piano, and I don't get to do it much during the week, since I'm so busy. I worked on my Starburst wrapper chain. =) It's pretty. I like it.

And yet, I'm still really tired. Which is weird, seeing as I did next to nothing today. Oh well. Me and dad are planning to make salsa tomorrow. Which is good, because I think my salsa is the only reason I ever get invited to surprise parties. =)

My brother's having a friend over tomorrow. A girl. I know I shouldn't think that's too brother's always had a lot of girls as friends...but...he's my little brother...anyways, moving on...

I get to sleep in tomorrow again. =)


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