Monday, December 18, 2006

All the moods of Monday

Geez, I had mood swings like you can not imagine today. But, whatever.

I need to learn to play saxophone. Just thought I'd mention that.

I couldn't get my low note in choir today, which made me really sad. Hopefully I get it in time for my performance. I'll work on it tomorrow...and hope that I'm having a good day. We'll see. I love playing piano in choir class, even though there's a bunch of people who can do it better then me. I still love piano. I wish I had more time to play it.

Band...was band. We didn't to anything really thrilling. We did play G major though. I like G major. Doesn't seem like anybody else does, but I do. It's a nice key. It's nice to have B naturels and F#s once in a while.

Nobody came to the Santa's Little Helpers auction today! That made me so sad, I was looking forward to it. So we moved it to Thursday, and if we need to, we're going to do it at the party, because if people still want these parties to happen, band council needs money. I guess it's kinda their loss too, since now we'll be slaves for Friday, which is a short day. So. Whatever.

Social was so dull. We wrote an essay. I didn't even know what I was talking about half the time. Not that I ever do anyways. And then math was okay...I actually got work done, for a change, but that was half because I didn't really feel like talking to anybody.

After that I got my band hoodie, which is so fuzzy, I love it! It says bassooning around. Then I went to chamber rehearsal and academy, and I love everybody in my chamber group, they always make me happy. So I guess the last part of my day was alright. That afternoon really sucked though. But, whatever. I can't believe I'm leaving for Spain in a week. But I do really need to get away. Just to not worry about anything for a'll feel so nice.


"You guys are my left, Robyn's sleeping, and to my right, Weston and Dorian are sleeping."


Melda said...

You started posting again! I had almost given up hope :) Now I just need to start posting again...heh heh...FYI, my band concert was yesterday, it was fun, and I discovered the first trumpet (we have four) is a LotR geek! So that was pretty cool. I didn't make any really egregious errors, though I did come in at the wrong time on bells. But it was okay.

I'm really going to miss you at makes me really sad you're not going to be there :(

Calminaiel said...

Yeah, I've been conditioned out of being sad that I'm not here for Christmas. None of my friends will let me be sad because (I quote): "You're going to Spain!"

I want to come up there to meet people from your band...because I'm a geek like that. =)

Melda said...

Yeah, well I'm allowed to be sad, cause I'm not going to Spain :P