Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hot Apple Cider

I love apple cider so much. Isn't it interesting how I burn my tongue on it every single time I make it? You'd think I'd learn after a while.

We decorated the band room today! It looks so pretty, and it just makes me so happy. We put christmas lights all around it, using medical tape. =) Adam stole it from the sports med room. He didn't get in early this morning, so we used a different kind of tape, and by first period certain sections were falling off the walls. So I redid them with medical tape. We also hung stars and tin icicles from the lights. During Andrea's (and various other peoples') spare, she (/they) also hung colourful material things over the piano and the conductor's stand, and taped little minature presents to them. They also traced a christmas tree on the wall with the strings of beads that I brought, and taped little presents and more tin icicles to it. They also spread little presents almost everywhere else in the band room. Kelskie's talking about bringing in a little tree, and I have an angel. We're not sure what to do with it yet, but we'll figure something out. Oh, and we drew more pictures on the white board. We've made it very pretty for only using black, red, green, and blue. Kathleen also taped little gold stars to the white board. We found it quite amusing that somebody drew a christmas tree with a star of David on top. Nice multiculturism there.

Hm...I was going to have a shower in there, but my brother's in there. Maybe I'll take one after him. Hope there's still hot water left when I get in there.

I totally forgot that today was the day choral class was going over to the church to sing. That was really fun. The people were really nice. And they made us treats...cookies, cakes, other little sugary snacks...=). I also met the choir director of the church, who was really nice.

I actually got work done in social, which is amazing. Randall's apparently having a good influence on, I forgot my hoodie, and I can't sleep as easily without my hoodie.

I went to see my brother's performance tonight. It was amusing. The jazz band played Phat Kat. Again. They actually brought James back (grade 10 percussion at Abe) to play that song, and another latin tune they were doing. I found that funny. They also played the Hippo song, but since there was no bassoon, that was rather dissapointing. I also saw Adam's brother, and kept laughing at how similar they are.

Well, my brother's almost out of the shower, so I should probably leave for now. Only to come back to more likely that any of it's going to get done, but I suppose we'll see.


"What is your favorite colour?"
"Blue. No, wait, yello-"...


Anonymous said...

Hey wow I sure had apple cider today... and burned my tounge on every sip... hehe. But it's so good! I had cider on break during rehearsal a couple weeks ago, and burned my tounge, and playing felt really funny after that... lol.

It sounds like your band room is more Christmas-ized than ours... we do have a full-sized (fake) tree though. And it has flashing lights and a light-up star, and several garlands that got so tangled when we tried to put them on the tree. I wish my band was as socially stable as yours.

Calminaiel said...

lol. That stuff is just so good, we can't give it a chance to cool off before we have at it!

Aw, I wish we had a full sized Christmas tree. Although maybe it's a good thing we don't, thinking of our trombone's like looking after a bunch of three year olds. lol