Thursday, December 14, 2006

Grease Lightning!

Aw, it was so amazing! Abe did Grease Lightning as the musical this year, and tonight was the last night they're doing it. It was so fun, I loved it. I'll be singing Grease Lightning and Beauty School Dropout all night. Oh, and maybe break into "C, C, C, C, C, C, A, A, A, A minor, F, F, F, F, F, F, G, G, G, G seven..." =) So, that amazing performance almost lets me forgive them for kicking me out of the band room one afternoon for their practice. Almost. Jason tried to counter by saying that the debate kids got kicked out of their room once for a battle of the bands meeting. But, for a debate kid, that was a pretty weak argument, seeing as they actually had someplace else to go: the bandroom. I had nowhere. I was homeless. But Grease Lightning was amazing. =)

I started a split in my reed today during Wind Ensemble. I was so sad. I know it'll still work for quite a while, but it was like the one functional reed I have. So I really need to start making more reeds, since Francesca's getting annoyed with me buying them, since I'm supposed to be making my own.

This morning was kinda dull. We had to write an essay plan in social (of which I had no clue what to say), and I didn't even finish it. After that we had a math test. Which wasn't too bad, it actually took my mind of things for a while, which was nice.

I had the scariest moment of my life today! So, at the end of lunch today the fire bell goes off. Of course, I'm in the band room, and so we all get up to leave, and I decide my bassoon will be fine, seeing as the last two times the fire bell went off while I was in the band room, it was fine. So we all leave, and stand outside for about five minutes. Meanwhile, I'm wishing I had brought my bassoon, seeing as it would make me feel a lot better. Then I hear sirens, and a fire truck is coming to the school. So I run around to the doors, and Paddock won't let me inside to get my bassoon! I was so scared, I felt like I was going to cry! The only thing that really stopped me from freaking out completely was that he didn't seem worried, and I'm sure if there really was a threat, he'd at least be trying to get the 14,000 $ timpani's out of the school. Still, when they finally let us back in I ran inside and hugged my bassoon. I'm never leaving the school for a fire drill without my bassoon again.

Turns out there was a fire on the first floor guy's bathroom. Apparently there's a reward for anybody with information about it. Go figure.

I made snowflakes for most of english class. I stopped to listen to this one project, because that group wrote lyrics to a song, and it was pretty cool. So now we have a few more snowflakes to decorate the band room! Kelskie totally masters snowflakes...I was beginning to think mine were pretty good...then I handed it over to Kelskie...and said goodbye to my snowflake-making confidence...=)

During choir I wrote a message about selling Santa's Little Helpers on the board. I'm looking forward to being auctioned off...or rather, I'm just interested to see how it goes. Depending who I go to, we'll see if I'm really looking forward to it. =) But really, I do think it'll be really fun. Apparently we have to dress up as elves for the auction. I should start looking around for elf like clothes...

After school me, Ryley, Alistair, and Andrea hung out in the band room for a while. We played piano (mostly Beatle songs, since we had a fake book), and sang along. Then Alistair got his trombone out and him and Ryley jammed for a while (with Ryley on piano). Andrea turned off the lights (don't worry, we didn't do anything =) ) and made popcorn.

And that, more or less, was my day. I had apple cider without burning my tongue, for once. I made cookies while dancing in the kitchen to Mozart (which puts you in an excellent mood, you should try it). I have to remember to tie a ribbon around a cookie for Randall. She gets a special cookie.


"I love the message at the end of Grease...change yourself, and you'll get a boy!"


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your snowflake making confidence. :(
I am tres fache that I did not get to go to grease! Stupid thing not running on friday. I think we need to get a theater like central or francais!!! they have their stages with like a 200-300 seat auditorium in their schools which if we had that it means more times to go watch grease because they don't have to pay for hall rentals

anyways i'm sorry again.

Calminaiel said...

Oh, don't be sorry. I'll live. Me and my snowflakes shall go on. I like snowflakes too much to stop making them. =) Besides, you can't make them any day...well, I guess you could make them in the summer, but it just wouldn't quite be the same.
Yeah, I wish our school at a stage/theatre too. Just like how I wish our band room had a balcony with practice rooms and stuff.