Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No New York

I'm so mad. We all are. For our school band trip this year we were supposed to go to New York. Paddock told us today that the CBE didn't approve it. And for the stupidest reasons! The main one being that one person didn't show up to a meeting that needed to be held in order for us to have this trip. So basically that's like saying the meeting didn't happen. It sucks so much. There's apparently a bunch of other little reasons. Apparently New York's not 'safe' enough...geez, a trip to New York isn't much safer then living in Calgary. Oh, and it's not 'educational', which is complete bull. We'd go to New York, get a tour of Julliard, see Broadway and the Philharmonic, and it's not educational for us music students? Yeah right. Why do we put people like that in charge anyways?

So, Ryley sent almost everybody an e-mail tonight, saying we should protest against this decision, since it's so stupid. We had angry e-mails going back and forth for a while. Then Andrea, 'thy voice of reason', came into the whole deal, and sent out another e-mail telling people not to do anything yet. Apparently she's setting up a meeting with the principal and stuff. So, I'm willing to listen to Andrea, since she has common sense, while I don't have any. That's why I hang around with people who have common sense. So, I guess we'll see how this whole thing plays out.

Now, on the more thoughtful side, it kinda hit me recently that there's more to best friends then I thought there was. I mean, I guess before I thought that best friends meant you hung out with people a lot, and told them everything and stuff. Which is true, to an extent. But it kinda hit me lately that you don't actually have to hang out with people all the time to classify them as best friends, and you don't really have to have known them for years to count them as best friends. I dunno. For some reason I always assumed best friends were the ones that you hung around with every day, and now I've realized that maybe that's not true.

I don't know why I'm putting so much thought into this. I mean, I have a lot of friends (at least I feel like I do), and it doesn't really matter which ones are best friends. Maybe it did in elementary, but now it doesn't seem like such a big deal. Still. I guess I feel like I haven't had really good friends in my past. To me, I've just started having friends who actually care about me since about grade 9. Even then, there was only one. Now there's more. I dunno. It just makes me feel good to feel that I have best friends who care about me. Like, really care about me. And it means a lot whenever I find out that maybe they consider me to be a best friend too.

It's amazing how attached you can get to somebody over just a couple of months. I always kinda thought that you needed to know somebody for years before you could really open up to them, and get really close. I've just realized that sometimes it can happen almost instantly. Some people just click. I like being with people I click with.

I've also decided that everything you do in life has risks. Everything. So it's no use wondering whether the best will happen, or whether the worse will happen, or whatever. There's no use worrying about what might happen if you do something, or if it goes wrong, or even if nothing comes of it. It's just not worth worrying about that. So really, the questions isn't what will happen if you do something, the question is whether you're willing to go for it, and find out, rather then wondering for who-knows-how-long what would have happened.

Those are my shpeals for the night. Other people might not have a clue what I'm talking about, but I'll leave you to interpret it as you will.

Hm...other facts you might be interesting in...I got another bracelet. For breast cancer. My grandma gave it to me. She's visiting from BC. Now I have 15 on my left wrist and 14 on my right. I also have to make sure I don't forget anything for the party tomorrow. And for CYO rehearsal. From 6:30 to 10:00. Let's see if I can actually get through it all. Oh, and I have to bring stuff to dress up as an elf. And I can't be late, or I'll make my uncle late for work, since he's driving me to school.


"Well, we could either move to Finland, or Canada. We chose Canada. We thought that Finland was dark and cold and they spoke a funny language. So we moved to Canada, where it's dark and cold, and they still speak a funny language. But at least it's one that we understand."


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the friends thing. I mean, if you can tell someone pretty much anything, who cares how long you've known them or from where or how often you see each other, right? I too didn't really have any real friends until grade nine, so I'm not one of these people who has had the same person as a "best friend" since they were little, but who cares about that? I have... I guess five people I would consider my "best friends", as in I can pretty much tell them anything, and none of them are people I've been friends with for very long (the longest being since grade 9 and the shortest being since September), but that's not even relevant to anything. It is pretty cool how people can just click isn't it? It's a happy feeling... :)

Melda said...

I love it when I click with people :) But I never know if they consider me a best friend, even if I consider them one. Maybe i'm just weird that way :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I don't really like that feeling - the one where I consider someone a best friend, but I don't know if they consider me the same, or if they even care about me at all.

Melda said...

Well, lots of times I know they care, but a couple times I've been with a friend and someone has made some 'best friend' comment ("You should be her partner, you're her best friend" or some such) and they've looked at me quizzically and gone "I am?" which...can be rather disillusioning...if you know what I mean...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I do. Or when someone pretends to be your best friend for a long time and then you find out through another friend that this "best friend" doesn't even like you in the least.