Monday, April 14, 2008


Arg. I couldn't sit still today. Actually. It was annoying.

I just want to forget about all the crap I have to do.

Planning stuff for grad, such as I have to.

Registering for university courses (before I've even graduated high school!?)

Planning end of the year stuff.

Planning other end of the year stuff.

Planning more stuff.

On the bright side, I know there will always be little breaks here and there where I can just forget about it all, and relax. As much as I can.

Three Hills?! Honestly? C'mon now, this can't be serious. It just can't be. I need somebody to tell me it's not. =P It's just another thing that's been added on my plate. It's hilarious. But at the same time, did I really need to hear that call?

No. But thanks for the thought.

And when will I realize that telling my friends makes everything better? I think it's a lesson that I will constantly be reminded of, even if I may not always remember it. It will keep coming back to me. Thankfully.


"Does anybody just want to cut out my uterus? Because at this point, that would be less painful than what I'm experiencing right now."

1 comment:

rachel shea said...

Robyn, I miss you.
and I miss Three Hills.
which relates to the missing you, as I have no affection for Three Hills itself.