Saturday, April 05, 2008

Some random thoughts

In approximately 24 hours, Ryley will be on stage for the Junos. I'll be on stage in a church, getting payed to play a concert.

I'm really excited for him. It's so awesome. Plus, it makes me practically famous. =)

Last night I found it only slightly depressing. He's doing that amazing thing, and here I am. In need of reeds. My teacher telling me to play better. Attempting to make time to practice and mostly failing.

Then I found out that I can't even watch him because I've got a concert to play. I'm getting paid for it, but still. So I'm definitely not happy about that. That's even more depressing than the previous thought.

But just 2 minutes ago (almost exactly) I realized what I first said here. At almost the same time, we'll be in separate places, but still doing what we love to do, and making our place in the world with it.

This is the kind of thought I'd like to expand on, but I can't do with within the next half an hour (which is about all I have), and try to get ready to do homework at the same time. So I'll reserve a space in my head for this thought and ponder it later.

As a side note, parents should not be allowed to criticize their children's friends. In general, it's dangerous to criticize people, unless you're absolutely sure that the person you're talking to agrees with you. Why does it seem like I'm always put in the position of talking to someone who ends up criticizing somebody I happen to be friends with, in one way or another?

Also, I love when people respond to a cry for help. Even a little tiny one. And even if it's not doing anything more than letting you know that they've seen your cry for help. Even that makes a little difference. Thanks Hales.

I really really want to keep thinking about the above thought, even though the only significance it would have would be obscure, and probably only make sense to me. But still. Anyways, I know I have limited time, and I'm really bad at expanding thoughts in limited time. I just end up going over the same things in my head and trying to force something out of it, which never really works.

Wish me luck on all the various things I have to get done before Monday.



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