Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An ongoing thought

Something I've had in my head for the past couple weeks, and yet every night I've sat at the computer and gone, naw, I have nothing to blog about. And then next day, in the middle of the day, I'll remember. And by the time I'm at my computer, I'm thinking I have nothing to blog about. So here you go.

It's been occurring to me lately how much we judge people. Everybody in general. Even the nicest person in the world judges people every day, I'm sure. And I do it so much. I've only been realizing this lately.

Think about it. Some girl will walk by, and you'll go, 'how can she wear that?' or 'does she seriously need that much makeup?' Recently I've discovered that every time I see a girl in the bathroom at school doing makeup or anything really in front of a mirror, I want to roll my eyes, and I immediately think, typical high school girl. And you know, there's probably more to her than I know. (I do say probably...there's always the chance at high school that there actually isn't any more...that's high school for you.)

Anyways, it's just be incredible how much I've discovered I judge other people, without knowing anything about them at all. People probably do the same to me.

But you know why that doesn't bother me so much? Because all those people I judge every day, I only have that one passing thought, and then I usually never think about them again. Ever.

This has no real point to it. But this is my blog, so I don't care. =P

Yes Randall, Rascal Flatts was amazing. To be honest though, I really did like their last show better. But I think that's probably mostly because I knew all their songs last year, and this year they played a lot off their new album, which I haven't heard. But I think they also played more up-beat songs last year. Oh well. It was still a good show. And the guy beside us was actually pretty funny.

And...I suppose that's my story for the night. I seem to recall having another tip for guys in my head, but I can't remember it now.

PS...I forgot how much I really like flirting...especially if the guy is willing to flirt back. Does that make me pathetic?

Either way...I really don't care. =P

And by the way, I have the coolest grandma ever. Memory from November. Good times.


"Hey, you can't hit on my almost-girlfriend."
"Do you mind if I hit on you?"

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