Monday, March 05, 2007

Limited Homework!

Yes indeed, all I have as homework tonight is english. Technically I have more english then I intend to do, but still. I think I'm just going to write a writer's workshop thing today, even though I still haven't done my make up poem for Ulysses. I also want to do my theory homework, so I'm not rushing to finish it tomorrow. But I say that every week and it never really happyens.

I actually had quite a good day. Dispite the fact that we had no printer paper last night so I had to send my physics lab to Randall and then copy all the work onto it in the morning, and lunch, and I forgot my calculator, so I had to use the teacher's during math, and Randall's during physics, and my physics lab was late, and I planned my french essay in the last fifteen minutes of lunch, I had a very good day. I rather liked it.

The band room's open again! I'm so happy...I missed it so much. It also hit me in the middle of math how much I miss Paddock and Waters too, so I totally gave Waters a hug today when I saw him after school. Good stuff. Band room!

I also practiced my major extended scales for an hour and a half today. They're a little better now. The fingerings are getting more natural, so now I think my major problem is forgetting how much I really need to support my air in order to get those high notes to sound. So, hopefully with a lot more practice I'll be able to get it down, and move on to minor scales. I'd really like to have my extended scales polished by the time my exam rolls around. I really hope my music comes in soon.

My mom also picked up a mini poster of Yamaha bassoons. I don't know what quality Yamaha bassoons are, but on the poster they're rather pretty, so that's good. Plus, I don't have any other bassoon poster type things. I know, the horror. Anyways, I'm kinda dissapointed about the background they have behind the's like driftwood or something...really weird.

I need a long weekend. Just an extra day to get stuff done. However, except for my Ulysses poem, I'm pretty much caught up in school, if you don't count the mountain of math homework I have, just because I never really do math homework. Which is going to screw me over one of these days, I know.

On another note, I find tuba solo pieces quite amusing. Simply because it's the tuba. I love it. And Jeff has a clear mouthpiece! It looks really weird.

We get to watch Indiana Jones in english, which is a nice treat, especially as it actually has a decent soundtrack. I'm not saying the Godfather had a bad just all sounded the same, really...

Oh, and Paul and I are planning to take over the world. I'd say more, but he's probably already going to be mad at me for saying that, so I can't tell you any more details.

Alright, english time...ooh, but I remembered today that me and Mia's anniversary is coming up! It'll be on Friday, so we can celebrate even more, because everything's better when it happens on a Friday. I'm so excited. I'll have to be sure to polish her so she looks nice. Which reminds me, I need to wash my polishing cloths...


"It used to be it's just hilarious."

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Melda said...

I'm planning to take over the world, too. It's evidence that my evil plan is working that my family now uses the phrase 'my precious' in daily conversation. Mwahaha.

For a minute I forgot who Mia was and I was very confused, but then you started talking about polishing and I remembered :)