Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A gentle reminder...

So I was reminded today that just because it's a reed knife doesn't exclude it from being an actual knife. Yes, right before we started playing I was trying to fix my reed (trying to cut the tip, if you're really that interested), and I kinda drove my reed knife into my didn't really hurt that much, but it bled like there was no tomorrow. So Paddock started a song by this point, and I figured I'd come in when the bleeding slowed down. Except it didn't exactly slow after the song I asked Paddock if he had a band-aid in his office. He didn't, so I went to the office, but they were locked. So I came back downstairs and met Bridget (and others), and she went to the sports med room with me and got me a couple band-aids. Then playing with a band-aid on my finger was interesting, but I was able to do it. Mostly.

I also registered my courses for next year. I know I've said it a bunch of times already, and you're probably really hating me for it but...I have two spares next year! Almost three, since Choral is awesome, so it's as good as a spare. I'm so excited.

Have you ever had thoughts just pop into your head? Like, thoughts you didn't even think you were capable of thinking? Or am I just crazy? It's actually getting kinda scary...I'll be thinking about something and this random thought will come to me, and I'll be like..."no! I did *not* just think that..."

I'm very close to having three working reeds. I'm so excited. That's almost half-way to my goal of having a reed case full of functional reeds. Excitement!


"You seem to pawn a lot of music off me..."
"You seem to offer a lot of music to me..."

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