Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bassooning around!

I love our quintet. It's very fun. Maybe we were just having a good day, or the planets had aligned or something, but we managed to stay together quite well. I mean, maybe not our new pieces, but when we ran through some of our old ones we did fairly well. I'm quite happy with it. Now I just hope that we can fit the musicality in. I mean, mostly bringing out important lines, and not always playing loud. I guess maybe that's just because I'm sitting beside both Corey and Henry (flute and horn) so it seems loud. We should get people to listen to us. Or maybe I can talk my dad into bringing the recording system home from the station and we can record ourselves that way. I think if we set the mic up a little ways away it should word alright. As long as we make sure the levels don't peak or anything.

Speaking of bringing the recording system home, I need to start preparing for my audition for MusiCamp. Still haven't quite figured out what I'm playing. I don't know if you need an accompanimest for it either...although if I just play solo stuff it should work. Maybe a couple studies or something.

Other then quintet practice, I didn't do much today. I woke up Corey when I called him, which made me feel super bad, even though he said it's alright.

I did get further in Zelda:Twilight Princess, so that made me happy. I hope I never have to fight one of those stupid shadow guys on the bird ever again, because that took so long.

I also played Molly on the Shore half decently at Corey's! It made me so happy. I'm not sure what that tempo is compared to what Kathryn takes it, but still. It made me quite happy. Hopefully she'll slow it down a tad.

I need to practice more! I mean, it's not even funny anymore. I did have a long practice yesterday, although it was on a not-so-great reed. I really should ask Francesca what I can do to make that reed better, because I'm really not sure. I meant to make another reed this weekend, but I didn' almost want to sit down this evening to get one done...we'll see.

I hope I didn't have any serious homework this weekend, because I'm not planning on doing any of it.


"Geez, what were you on last night?"
"Can you get me some?"

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