Friday, March 23, 2007

Tired, exhausted...

Think of any other synonoms for the above words, and that's pretty much what I am right now. Today was a long day. A fun day, but still a rather long one. But I got out of french early, which was nice.

There seemed to be more chaos at this year's moab than last year. It went so well last year, and this year we suddenly found we couldn't use two rooms. One was full of computer people or something, and another one just had a stubborn teacher who said that nobody told her about the jazz clinic, and she had work that she had to finish, so we couldn't use the room. Lucky Randall actually did something, and ran to Harker's room, who luckily had no problem with letting us use his room. So that was alright. We just had to run around to Waters and make sure he knew that rooms had been switched.

And I got two cookies at snack time. So that was nice. And, in total, I had four juice boxes today. I've decided that juice boxes are just one of those things that can always make you happy.

Yay for pizza.

And now I think it's time to finish up whatever else I'm doing on the computer, and get ready for bed. I've got orchestra sectionals tomorrow...that'll be interesting.


"How many people do you think go to the University of Regina?"

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