Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not enough time!

So, I agree with Kelskie, there needs to be an extra 6 hours in the day, at least for extra sleep. I'm totally getting nothing done...or rather, I'm sacrificing stuff I should be doing, for stuff I just want to do. My physics lab is late because I stayed up until 4:30 doing english homework. I really don't think my physics teacher likes me, especially since I fell asleep in his class the other day. I'm not sure if he actually saw me, but seeing as I was sleeping, you probably shouldn't trust what I say about that particular class.

Anyways, I've just really noticed how time consuming msn can be. I mean, it just took me like half an hour to write that last paragraph, because I'm trying to talk on msn at the same time. Now I can understand why Ryley stays away from it. I won't do that, but maybe I'll just won't try to answer everybody 2 seconds after they say something. You guys can wait a little while. =)

So, I meant to make a reed this weekend...then I ended up not going that yesterday. So I was going to do it today, but then we had a long practice, and Henry came over to play Wii, and then I watered my plants, and when I finish this post, I need to start homework. So no reed for me this weekend. Which is alright I guess, since I still need to get my other two reeds functional first.

Speaking of reeds, I need to practice more. I'm seriously scared for my exam. I think I'll start practicing over lunch. Particularly my scales. I mean, I'm doing alright with my pieces, and my studies just need a little work, but I really need to just sit down and figure out my extended scales. Especially the minor ones. I mean, I know once I get them down I'll be okay...I just haven't had time to sit down and get it done. So I'm thinking if I get about half an hour practice every day in the practice room at lunch, that'll help a lot. Too bad I can't start Monday, since Paddock and Waters are still in New York. =P

Henry's french horn broke during our practice! It was actually really sad. His thumb valve (or whatever you horn players call them) just kinda snapped off. I dunno the details, but it was still sad...I hate seeing instruments break.

Alright, well I should get my homework done. All I really have is my physics lab. Well, and my french dissertation plan, but seeing as I'll be faking most of that anyways, I can leave that for a while. Although I do have to figure out where I'll use all those stupid grammer things they want...

I was a contrabassoon! Matt's always talking about playing the contrabassoon, and I really want to! If he doesn't bring it to MusiCamp, I'll be so mad.


"You should get your horn checked out...the *french* horn, Corey..."

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