Saturday, March 24, 2007

Twilight Princess!

So, today I went through an entire dungeon all by myself, with no help from my brother. Well, almost. I mean, he helped me get through the little first part. Then I did the whole middle part of the dungeon myself, although I did check a walk through on the internet twice. Then he just helped me find where the boss was, and then just gave me little things on what to do to beat him. But that's awesome for me.

Aw, Corey! *hugs* There's so many people who love you, so don't let everybody else bring you down.

Orchestra sectionals went rather well today, I think. We worked on the excerpt from the fourth movement of Beethoven's 9th near the end, which went alright. He said it needed more personality. I also need to work on my slurs, but I think I've found a fingering that works rather well. He also worked with Alicia on a study (no. 15). She sounded really nice, I like her tone. I was so proud of her. =) Stephen Frans also said she sounded good, so that was awesome.

I should have practiced bassoon, but instead I played piano a bunch today, because I never get a chance to play piano. Tomorrow I have a lesson at the college with my wind quintet, and by myself, along with a get together with our small ensemble. Lots of carrying around my bassoon tomorrow. I have to make sure I remember all my music.

Yay for showers! I feel clean! Unlike Paul. =P


"It's Pun-tastic!"

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Anonymous said...

"Screw boys I like you better!" haha we are amazing! today was a good day