Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Geez, my parents can make me so mad sometimes. I mean, I say I won't go to this camp because it's kinda expensive, and I know we're kinda having financial issues right now. So then they both talk to me, and say they don't want me to stay home just because of the money issue, and if I really want to go, then they'll find a way to let me go. But when I finally decide to go, they still end up making a big deal about how expensive it is! I mean, I wish they'd make up they're mind, either support me, or don't. But don't say you're going to, and then make a scene when it actually comes time for it.

Maybe I exaggerate a little...they didn't really make a big deal. But they didn't exactly try to hide the fact that they were thinking about how much money it's going to take. It's just something that gets on my nerves...but, I am planning on getting scholarships to all three of the camps I'm going to. It's not like I'm expecting them to just fork up whatever money it takes.

I seriously need to go to bed earlier tonight. I stayed up way to late, and ended up falling asleep in math and theory. But I get to sleep in Thursday, since we don't have school, so that'll be nice.

I'll probably attempt to study a little bit of math tonight, seeing as we have a test tomorrow. I'd really like to get my math mark up. Not that it's horrible...it could just be a little better.

Hm...maybe I'll clean the desk on my day off...then I might actually be able to find things. I should also finish my reed so that I can start playing on it...I think my first reed's dying on me...I'm trying things to bring it back, but I don't think it's going so well. We'll see, maybe I'll just clean it and see if that makes the sound any clearer.

I can't remember if Kathryn knows that most of the Abe kids aren't going to be at All Cities on friday because of Moab. Which basically means half the ensemble shall be missing (including almost the whole sax section, unless Ryley and Ariel show up). Anyways, not the point. I might send an e-mail to her and Dan, just to be sure they know.

Kelskie! *hugs* I think you might be over thinking this too much. Now, I could try to tell you to stop thinking about it, or stop worrying, but I know you won't. However, just keep in mind that maybe you are over thinking things.


"The platypus! Proof that life doesn't always make sense."

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