Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Land of Orange

So, today at about noon, Haley called me to ask if I wanted to help out at Abe for parent-teacher interviews. After a few phone calls I found out I really didn't have anything better to do with my life, so why not? Anyways, all I really did was hand out little sheets with teacher names and a map on them. Haley wanted me to say 'welcome to Aberhart' but I didn't want to sound like a robot, which greeters always end up sounding like. So, instead, I welcomed people to the land of orange. Or rather, I welcomed select people to the land of orange. Meaning only the people I know. Meaning only band people.

Anyways, I talked to Paddock and Waters while I was there. Nobody was really talking to Paddock, so I went and chatted for a while. I also asked him what I could do to get that extra 3 % in band...I'm at 97. He said I'd have to be pretty creative to get it. Then I brought him a cookie. And when Waters was free, I brought him a cookie. So you can't blame me for not taking care of my band directors. Maybe those cookies will earn me a few more marks...=P

I also practiced. Not nearly as long as I should have, but enough to get through my studies and play through one of my NYB pieces. Speaking of which, we have a band test tomorrow that I haven't practiced for. Meaning I'll have to book it downstairs from math tomorrow in order to maybe get to band class early enough to run through it a few times. Fun.

Ooh, moab is tomorrow. That's exciting.

...I can't really think of anything else to say on the subject of moab...

We (me and Haley) saw the cutest kid come in with his mom for interviews. He was just a tiny little guy, and his mom asked Haley something, so he came over to me and was like, "Hi, I'm Aidan." So I said I was Robyn, and I shook his hand, and he touched my bracelets and asked what those were. I told them they were bracelets, and he said his mom had a bracelet, and it was round. I said those were my favorite kind of bracelets. Then his mom took him away. He's so adorable. Later, Haley said she heard him say the funniest thing. Check the quote at the end of the post. I wish I could have heard it...

Other then that, I had a pretty lazy day. But I did get to sleep, which was so nice.

*sigh* Yet more band drama. Will we never escape?

I know, that's a stupid question. Of course I'll never escape. Where there's band, there's drama. And I'll never leave band.


"Mom, I just saw a man that looks like Jesus."

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Melda said...

*Dies laughing* Oh boy...I don't know why I suddenly found that so funny! Bracelets are round...tee hee...

*wanders off giggling quietly to self*