Thursday, September 21, 2006


Yeah, first pre-season game with the Oilers and the Flames. And the Oilers won. I'm happy. Of course.

Anyways, I think I should just play Children's March every morning. I just had an awesome day...and I think it's because I started it with Children's March.

But really, it's going to be so awesome. We have percussion, and a french horn who actually knows how to blast. It's amazing. When he eventually plays his part perfect, I'm just gonna hug him. Because he's going to get it perfect. I'll kill him if he doesn't.

So...yeah. For an amazing day, I actually don't have much to say about it. I did good on my math test. Had a cool talk with Waters while waiting for mom to pick me up after choir. I like chatting with Waters. Very interesting.

Social class wasn't even that bad, because I was still happy from the Children's March. Band council meeting was fun. I love Alistair. lol. He's just so funny. =)

Used the new white board markers for the band room. They're colourful. We're still hiding them, just so I don't have to buy more within two weeks...but whatever. I bought two packs, and Andrea actually chose a good hiding place for the second pack. I just stuck the first one where the old hiding place was, which means people are bound to find it anyways. But whatever. Josh said he was going to steal them...Josh is also funny...

Had realtively little homework tonight. So I had a nice relaxing night again. I should have practiced...but...yeah. I really need to start bringing Freddy around again, now that I'm actually playing half-decently again. Freddy's my practice buddy. He's a frog, and he lives in my pocket when I'm not practicing. Although right now, he's living on the piano lamp. I think he's lonely. I'll bring him tomorrow. First All Cities practice, he has to come for that. I'll put him next to my backpack so I don't forget.

I also need to bring my trombone for Ryley tomorrow. And my alto, so the band council can practice for band camp. Fun stuff.


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