Friday, September 01, 2006

Jam session

Today was really fun. Like, really fun. It made me happy. =)

Anyways, so Ry picked us up to go to Elliot's place. My brother came along. He ended up playing some of Elliot's spare percussion. Bongos, shakers, etc.

Okay, Elliot has a really nice house. Like, a really nice house. I love it. And I love his basement. And his pool table. His place is so awesome. I want a pool table...anyways, back to the jam...

It was really fun. Ry brought both his tenor and alto. Obviously Elliot and my brother did percussion. I was on my alto. We also had Randall (alto), Andrea (piano), Josh (guitar) and Steve (bass). So it was pretty fun. I was pretty much sightreading all the tunes we played, since I'd only ever played them on a tenor, which is a different key then alto. But it was fun. I shared a fake book with Randall, and I can't wait for mine to come it so I can practice jazz. I also need to work on my in, knowing when to stop. I'm having some trouble with that...

After we stopped playing, and started raiding Elliot's kitchen for food =), I got the feeling that my brother might be getting kinda bored...or just not feeling included. So I called my mom, and she came to pick him up, while we decided to go to Boston Pizza for more food. Which was also fun. The splitting up of the bill was slightly more complicated then I thought it needed to be, but whatever. Teen Titans was also on one of the TVs there. =) That was cool.

Then we headed back to Elliot's place and had a game of pool. I love playing pool, even though I'm not really good at it. It's fun. I want a pool table. Then maybe there'd actually be something at my house to do...=)

Then we watched some TV...which was also fun. Feasted on the leftover pizza. And then everyone pretty much headed out. My ride came about 10 minutes after everybody else left, so I had one last game of pool against Elliot. He suck all the stripes before I got the solids down, but he was never able to sink the 8 ball, which was the only thing that kept him from completely slaughtering me. In the end, we called it a tie.

Fun stuff. =)


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