Saturday, September 02, 2006


Not much really happened today. I did a lot of thinking, which is kinda good, you need days like that. It's healthy. So are showers. I had one today. =) I love showers. parents are watching a movie in the kitchen right now. I was listening, and the music sounded like some axe-murderer was going to jump out and kill this couple. So, naturally, I went to watch. Geez, I stood out there for almost 10 minutes, and no axe-murderer. I'm dissapointed. And, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to more axe-murder music. But there's still no axe-murderer. I told my parents to call me when that element of the movie eventually comes. Hopefully, anyways. dad left the house to do some recycling this morning. So, while I had the house to myself, I played the piano, and actually sang the lyrics too. I don't sing unless I have the house to myself. I suppose that will have to change since I'm joining choir this year. I'm still debating whether to try out for vocal jazz. I want to...I think it'd be fun. But...I dunno. We'll see. =)

I took the dog for a walk with my dad. We went to 7-eleven and got a slurpee. I got DragonFruit. Yeah, really wierd. It was purple. Not a bad slurpee though.

I also beat a couple of bosses on Super Mario for DS. The newest one. And I beat two rounds of Mario Golf against my brother. So I think it was a pretty productive day.

I'm really dreading going back to school without my bassoon. Poor Mia...all the way in the states when school's starting...I really miss her. And I feel kinda insecure going to school without her and having to use a school'll be wierd...but I'm also looking forward to seeing everybody again. It just hit me today that I'll be able to see everybody I haven't seen since early June. I'm excited for that. But my poor baby in the states...=(

Well...I think I'm off to look for that axe-murderer...he better be coming soon...


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